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Right Angle Cross of Planning (40/37 | 16/9)

Understanding the Right Angle Cross of Planning (40/37 | 16/9)

The Right Angle Cross of Planning (40/37 | 16/9) in Human Design brings together Gates 40, 37, 16, and 9. This unique blend of gates deals with aspects related to willpower, harmony, enthusiasm, and determination.

Gate 40, situated in the Heart Center, is known as the Gate of Willpower. It represents the energy for working hard and demonstrating willpower, often driven by a sense of personal commitment and responsibility.

Gate 37, located in the Solar Plexus, is called the Gate of Harmony in human design. This gate carries the energy for establishing harmonious relationships and creating peaceful environments, often manifesting as the desire for family and community cohesion.

Balancing Willpower, Harmony, and Enthusiasm

Gate 16, found in the Throat Center, is known as the Gate of Enthusiasm. This gate embodies the energy for being enthusiastic and skilled in expressing oneself, often tied to a passion for perfection and mastery.

Gate 9, located in the Sacral Center, is the Gate of Determination. It carries the energy for focus and determination, often enabling the individual to persevere in their chosen paths.

When these energies intermingle, they form the Right Angle Cross of Planning, signifying a dynamic interplay between willpower (Gate 40), harmony (Gate 37), enthusiasm (Gate 16), and determination (Gate 9). This cross calls for a balance between working hard, fostering harmonious relationships, expressing oneself passionately, and maintaining focus on the path ahead.

Living the Right Angle Cross of Planning

If your Human Design chart features the Right Angle Cross of Planning, you likely possess a balance between dedication and relationship building. You may exhibit a strong work ethic (Gate 40), paired with a keen desire to establish harmony in your relationships (Gate 37).

Your natural enthusiasm and expressiveness (Gate 16) combined with your determination and focus (Gate 9) can make you a passionate and focused individual. This unique blend of energies allows you to work hard, maintain harmony, express yourself with enthusiasm, and remain focused on your path.

The Right Angle Cross of Planning in Your Life

In practical terms, the Right Angle Cross of Planning can manifest as a balance between hard work and relationship building in your life. You may find yourself naturally inclined to exert your willpower (Gate 40), driving you to work hard and commit to your responsibilities.

Simultaneously, your desire for harmony (Gate 37) helps you establish peaceful relationships and environments. Your natural enthusiasm (Gate 16) can lead you to express yourself skillfully and passionately, and your determination (Gate 9) can help you stay focused on your chosen paths.

By embracing these energies, you can navigate life with a unique blend of willpower, harmony, enthusiasm, and determination. This cross equips you to work hard, foster harmony, express yourself passionately, and remain determined on your path.