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Juxtaposition Cross of The Now (20/34 | 37/40)

Grasping the Cross of The Now

The Juxtaposition Cross of The Now in human design combines the energies of Gate 20 (The Now), Gate 34 (Power), Gate 37 (The Family), and Gate 40 (Aloneness). This alignment represents a unique blend of the present moment, innate strength, familial bonds, and the need for solitude. The Cross of The Now equips individuals with the ability to be deeply present and act with power while valuing both their family connections and their individual solitude.

This Cross suggests a strong inclination towards action, often guided by what the present moment demands. These individuals tend to navigate life with an innate sense of power, practicality, and a strong bond to their family or chosen community.

A Closer Look at the Gates and Centers

Gate 20, located in the Throat Center, symbolizes The Now. It indicates a strong connection to the present moment and a capacity to respond swiftly to current needs. Gate 34, also in the Throat Center, signifies Power and represents a tremendous potential for generating energy and taking action.

On the other side, Gate 37, associated with the Solar Plexus Center, embodies the principle of The Family or Friendship. This gate indicates a strong sense of loyalty and responsibility towards the family or chosen group. Gate 40, also in the Solar Plexus, represents Aloneness or Deliverance, denoting a need for solitude and the ability to thrive in one’s own company.

Personal Development and The Cross of The Now

People carrying the Cross of The Now may find their growth path aligned with learning to balance their potent energy and their familial commitments. They often excel when they can engage with the present moment effectively, using their inherent power to take action.

Understanding the value of solitude and integrating periods of aloneness into their routines can play a crucial role in maintaining their well-being. As they continue to navigate their emotional world, they may discover how their powerful presence and actions influence their relationships and environment.

Societal Contributions of the Cross

The societal impact of individuals with the Cross of The Now often lies in their ability to act powerfully in the present moment. Their innate strength and swift response to immediate needs can be invaluable in many professional and community contexts.

Their strong loyalty to their family or chosen groups can also be a cornerstone of their contributions. They can bring stability and cohesion to their communities, fostering a sense of belonging and mutual support. Their capacity for solitude can also inspire others to appreciate the value of self-reliance and independence.

In summary, the Juxtaposition Cross of The Now encapsulates the power of acting in the present moment, the value of family bonds, and the necessity of solitude. Those with this Cross can use these energies to create a meaningful impact in their lives and communities.