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Dig Deep into Your True Potential with a Personal Human Design Reading with Carolina Wikstrom

Meet Carolina Wikstrom

Welcome to the transformative world of Human Design led by Carolina Wikstrom. A mother, a Colombian living in London, and a 1/3 Sacral Generator, Carolina combines her business and finance acumen with a deep understanding of Human Design to guide individuals towards self-awareness and success. Her decade-long journey in business and finance, coupled with her personal discovery and embrace of Human Design, uniquely positions her to guide others on their journey to self-discovery and fulfilment.

Human Design became a beacon for Carolina during a personal identity crisis after becoming a mother. It helped her reconcile her roles and reconnect with her essence. Now, she’s here to help you do the same. Carolina’s mission is to simplify Human Design and make it a practical tool in everyone’s life, from personal relationships to professional success.

By combining the elements of Astrology, I-Ching, Kabbalah, and the Chakra system, Carolina guides you in understanding your energy patterns, personality traits, strengths, gifts, and areas of potential. With her, you’re empowered to embrace all facets of your being, including your shadows, leading to a deeper connection with your authentic self.

Join Carolina on this transformative journey with the following offerings:

Foundational Reading

If you’re new to Human Design, Carolina’s Foundational Reading program is the perfect starting point. In this session, Carolina takes you on a journey of self-discovery, connecting all the elements of your Design. She helps you understand how your unique energy works and how to align it with various aspects of your life. Carolina takes great care to simplify and personalize Human Design, making it accessible and meaningful to you. Embrace this new understanding and start your journey of transformation today.

Divine Purpose Reading

Yearning to discover your true path and live a life filled with harmony and fulfilment? Carolina’s Divine Purpose Reading program is designed just for you. This session delves into the depths of your unique incarnation cross, revealing your true calling and guiding you towards a life of purpose. You’ll leave the session with a clearer understanding of your life’s purpose and a renewed sense of empowerment. If you’re ready to step into a life that aligns with your highest self, book your Divine Purpose Reading today.

Aligned Business Reading

Elevate your business using your natural talents and a personalized strategy with the Aligned Business Reading. Carolina employs her expertise in business and finance and her deep understanding of Human Design to guide you towards a business that operates in your zone of genius. She provides insights into effective strategies tailored to your Design, which helps you connect with your audience, attract your ideal clients, and excel in your business effortlessly. If you’re ready to create a business that’s an extension of your authentic self, this program is for you.

Carolina Wikstrom is not just a guide; she’s a partner in your journey towards self-discovery, purpose, and success. Embrace your authentic self and live the life you were always meant to live with Carolina and Human Design.