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Left Angle Cross of The Alpha (41/31 | 44/24)

Understanding the Cross of The Alpha

The Left Angle Cross of The Alpha in human design consists of Gates 41 and 31, located in the Root and Throat Centers, paired with Gates 44 and 24, from the Spleen and Ajna Centers. This combination brings together the energies of imagination, leadership, remembrance, and rationalization.

Gate 41, located in the Root Center, is known as the Gate of Fantasy or Contraction. This gate fuels the energy of imagination and desire, forming the starting point for new experiences and ventures.

Gate 31, in the Throat Center, is known as the Gate of Influence or Leadership. It brings the potential for leadership through communication, particularly when in resonance with the collective group’s will.

Gate 44, located in the Spleen Center, is known as the Gate of Alertness or Coming to Meet. This gate offers the ability to remember past patterns and experiences, allowing for better anticipation and response to future circumstances.

Gate 24, housed in the Ajna Center, is called the Gate of Rationalization or Return. This gate carries the energy of internal mental pressure to make sense of things, often driving the process of rationalizing or justifying one’s actions or experiences.

Embracing the Alpha Energy

Those carrying the Cross of The Alpha have the unique potential to bring imaginative ideas into existence, leveraging their leadership communication skills. The past’s insights, as gleaned through Gate 44, can inform future actions, while the rationalizing energy of Gate 24 can help make sense of experiences.

This cross, thus, calls for a balance between imagination and practical implementation, between remembering past patterns and using them to inform the present and future, and between internal pressure to rationalize and external communication of leadership.

The Alpha’s Contribution

Individuals with this cross are often called to create and lead new initiatives, fuelled by their imaginative drive and informed by past patterns. By utilizing their ability to make sense of experiences and articulate them effectively, they can lead and influence others within their sphere.

While the energies of this cross can bring internal pressure, it is essential to channel it productively. Utilizing it to drive innovation and leadership can result in significant contributions to communities and society at large.


The Left Angle Cross of The Alpha combines the energies of imagination, leadership, alertness to past patterns, and rationalization. This blend gives those who carry it the potential to make substantial contributions through innovative ideas and effective leadership. By honoring these energies and learning to navigate them, they can effectively express their unique incarnation cross.