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Juxtaposition Cross of Formulization (4/49 | 8/14)

Exploring the Elements of the Cross of Formulization

The Juxtaposition Cross of Formulization in human design is composed of Gates 4 and 49 in the Ajna Center, coupled with Gates 8 and 14 in the Throat Center. This combination suggests a person’s inherent capacity to analyze, formulate, connect, and empower, guiding their interactions with the world.

Gate 4, the Gate of Formulization, is positioned in the Ajna Center and represents the ability to understand the underlying patterns and structures of information, thereby allowing individuals to formulate logical answers.

Gate 49, the Gate of Revolution, also located in the Ajna Center, carries the energy to challenge norms, initiate changes, and bring about a revolution when fairness and principles are compromised.

In the Throat Center, Gate 8, the Gate of Contribution, carries the energy to contribute to the collective with authenticity and personal expression. It signifies a drive for meaningful engagement and expression.

Gate 14, the Gate of Power, also found in the Throat Center, embodies the energy for empowerment and the desire to enhance prosperity and wellbeing for oneself and others.

Embracing the Energy of Formulization

Individuals carrying the Juxtaposition Cross of Formulization have a natural inclination towards understanding the world around them, challenging established norms, and expressing their unique insights authentically. They possess the ability to analyze patterns and structures, initiate changes when fairness is compromised, and contribute their understanding to the collective authentically.

Their life journey may involve recognizing and accepting their unique capacities and learning to utilize them effectively. The power to bring about change, coupled with their ability to express themselves authentically, allows them to contribute significantly to their communities.

The Impact of the Cross of Formulization

Individuals with this incarnation cross can considerably influence their environments through their unique cognitive and expressive capabilities. Their capacity to analyze, initiate changes, express authentically, and empower can bring about significant progress and transformation. By challenging established norms and contributing their unique insights, they can foster an environment that values analytical thinking, fairness, authentic expression, and empowerment.


The Juxtaposition Cross of Formulization encapsulates the energies of understanding, revolution, authentic contribution, and empowerment. Those with this incarnation cross are naturally inclined towards analyzing the world around them, challenging established norms, authentically contributing their insights, and empowering others. Their life journey involves harnessing these unique capacities to bring about significant progress and transformation in their communities.