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Left Angle Cross of Separation (35/5 | 22/47)

Unveiling the Dynamics

The Left Angle Cross of Separation in human design is a distinct configuration comprising Gates 35, 5, 22, and 47 that reveal a deep understanding of life and its numerous experiences. These Gates are located within the Throat Center, Sacral Center, Solar Plexus Center, and Ajna Center, respectively, creating a unique pattern.

Gate 35: The Gate of Change

Situated in the Throat Center, Gate 35 is the Gate of Progress. This gate embodies the desire for new experiences, nurturing an adventurous spirit. Individuals carrying this Gate are driven by the appeal of change and progress, constantly in search of the next exciting journey.

Gate 5: The Gate of Waiting

Housed within the Sacral Center, Gate 5 symbolizes the essence of timing, patience, and rhythm. It fosters a deep respect for life’s cyclical nature and instills an understanding of the significance of waiting for the right moment.

Gate 22: The Gate of Openness

Located in the Solar Plexus Center, Gate 22 is the Gate of Grace. It radiates an energy that invites emotional expression and openness, enabling a fluent communication of experiences and emotions.

Gate 47: The Gate of Realization

Situated in the Ajna Center, Gate 47 represents the ability to convert complex experiences into comprehensible and relatable insights. This Gate provides the capability to distill the crux of experiences, thereby deepening the comprehension and appreciation of life.

Embracing the Cross of Separation

Those under the Left Angle Cross of Separation possess the ability to explore life’s rhythms, immerse themselves in varied experiences, and extract meaningful insights from them. Their journey involves experiencing life’s ongoing evolution, understanding its profound implications, and sharing these teachings with others.

They act as distillers of wisdom – sifting through complexities to identify the essence, separating the profound from the commonplace. Through their authentic communication and emotional transparency, they can deeply resonate with others, offering clarity and understanding. This Cross symbolizes exploration, introspection, and genuine expression.