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Left Angle Cross of Endeavor (48/21 | 53/54)


The Left Angle Cross of Endeavor carries an energetic theme that is centered around the pursuit of goals and efforts. Individuals with this cross possess a determination and discipline, showing up consistently to work towards their ambitions.

Depth of Understanding and Drive

Individuals born under this cross carry Gate 48 (Depth) in their Spleen Center, indicating a deep reservoir of wisdom and understanding. This depth often allows them to tackle complex problems and learn from their experiences.

The Heart Center’s Gate 21 (Control) bestows a strong drive for achievement and control. They have a natural ability to manage resources effectively and control the course of events to achieve their goals.

Evolution and Growth

Transformative Experiences

Those with Gate 53 (Starting Things) in human design in their Root Center possess the energy for beginnings, which enables them to initiate new things in life. This initiatory energy can bring a lot of transformation and growth in their lives.

Gradual Progress

The presence of Gate 54 (The Marrying Maiden) in the Root Center signifies a theme of gradual progress through supportive alliances. Individuals under this cross can harness their communal energy to form beneficial relationships that support their ambitions and endeavors.

Challenges and Potential Pitfalls

Struggle for Control

Those under this cross may often find themselves in a struggle for control. Their natural desire to manage things might cause friction in relationships if not expressed in a balanced way.

Impatience with Slow Progress

Although they are wired for gradual progress, they might experience impatience or frustration with slow progress. They might need to learn to appreciate the journey and understand that things take time.

Life Purpose and Strategy

Life Purpose

The life purpose for these individuals is to utilize their deep understanding and drive to achieve goals. Their determination, coupled with their ability to initiate and progress, makes them natural achievers who can create real impact in the world.


Their strategy is to balance their drive for control with understanding and patience. By forming supportive alliances and learning to appreciate the slow process of growth, they can fulfill their ambitions while maintaining harmony in their relationships.