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Juxtaposition Cross of Values (50/3 | 31/41)

The Foundation of the Cross of Values

The Juxtaposition Cross of Values in human design draws from the energetic influences of Gates 50 and 3 from the Sacral and Root Centers, respectively, paired with Gates 31 and 41 from the Throat and Root Centers. This blend of energies forms an embodiment of values, nurturing instincts, creativity, and influence, combined with an innovative mindset.

Gate 50, based in the Sacral Center, is referred to as the Gate of Values or the Gate of Preservation. This gate carries the instinctual energy to nurture and protect values that foster the well-being of the community.

Gate 3, found in the Root Center, is known as the Gate of Difficulty at the Beginning or Ordering. This gate brings the energy of innovation and the potential to bring abstract ideas into concrete reality, although it often involves dealing with initial challenges.

Gate 31, located in the Throat Center, is known as the Gate of Influence or Leading. It bestows a natural capacity to lead and influence others through communication.

Gate 41, also housed in the Root Center, is known as the Gate of Contraction or Decrease. This gate provides the initiating energy for new experiences, coupled with a deep longing for understanding the meaning of life.

Balancing the Cross of Values

The Cross of Values carries a potent set of energies that may sometimes conflict. The drive to preserve traditional values (Gate 50) can clash with the energy to innovate and bring about new beginnings (Gate 3). Moreover, the leadership and influence (Gate 31) can be at odds with the longing for new experiences (Gate 41).

However, these energies can also be harmoniously integrated. By preserving core values while also fostering innovation, these individuals can lead in ways that respect traditions while also embracing the new. Moreover, they can use their influence to guide others towards experiences that add depth and understanding to life.

Living the Cross of Values

Individuals carrying the Cross of Values are encouraged to embrace their natural instincts for preserving values, their potential for innovation, their ability to influence, and their longing for new experiences. They have the unique ability to uphold essential principles while bringing fresh ideas into reality, leading others effectively, and fostering meaningful experiences.

Moreover, they should strive to balance their protective instincts with their innovative energy, and their leadership capacity with their quest for new experiences. Accepting that they can uphold important values while also being innovators, leaders, and seekers can help them live a fulfilling life and make valuable contributions to their communities.

In conclusion, the Cross of Values integrates powerful energies of values preservation, innovation, influence, and quest for experiences. Those with this incarnation cross can use these energies to lead, inspire, and innovate, enriching their own lives and those of their communities.