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Left Angle Cross of Refinement (19/33 | 1/2)

The Journey of Refinement

The Left Angle Cross of Refinement (19/33 | 1/2) in human design is a distinct configuration in the Human Design system, represented by Gates 19, 33, 1, and 2. These Gates connect the Root Center, Throat Center, and G Center, creating an intriguing mix of characteristics centered around sensitivity, retreat, self-expression, and direction.

Individuals with this Cross are often driven by a profound sensitivity to their surroundings and the needs of others, coupled with a capacity for introspection and a unique self-expression.

Diving into the Gates

Beginning with Gate 19 in the Root Center, the Gate of Wanting, this Gate emphasizes sensitivity to the needs and feelings of others. Those with this Gate prominent are often deeply empathetic and attuned to the emotions of those around them.

Paired with this, Gate 33 in the Throat Center is the Gate of Retreat. This Gate signifies the need for periods of solitude and introspection, where experiences can be processed and wisdom can be distilled.

On the other side of the Cross, Gate 1 in the G Center is the Gate of Self-Expression. It embodies the drive to express oneself and one’s unique perspective creatively and authentically. Complementing this, Gate 2, also in the G Center, is the Gate of Direction. This Gate provides an intuitive sense of the correct path to follow in life, especially when given the space and freedom to recognize it.

Walking the Left Angle Cross of Refinement Path

Carriers of the Left Angle Cross of Refinement are typically sensitive, introspective, and expressive individuals. They feel deeply and are in constant interaction with the world around them, processing experiences and sharing their unique perspectives.

However, their sensitivity can also be a challenge, making them vulnerable to overwhelm. It is essential for them to balance their interaction with the world with periods of retreat where they can process their experiences and find their direction.

Concluding Thoughts

The Left Angle Cross of Refinement is a call to a life of deep feeling, introspection, self-expression, and intuitive direction. Those who embody this Cross can contribute significantly to the world by sharing their refined perspectives and empathetic understandings. Their journey is one of continual refinement and sharing of their unique expression.