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Right Angle Cross of Eden (36/6 | 11/12)

Emotional Depth and Creative Expression

The Right Angle Cross of Eden in human design manifests through Gates from the Solar Plexus Center and the Ajna and Throat Centers, reflecting a profound emotional journey coupled with the capacity to communicate this experience in thought-provoking ways.

Gate 36: The Gate of Crisis

Situated in the Solar Plexus Center, Gate 36 embodies the energy of emotional depth and crisis management. It represents the ability to traverse emotional upheavals and emerge stronger on the other side. Individuals with this gate’s energy frequently possess the resilience to tackle emotional crises, allowing them to grow and evolve.

Gate 6: Conflict and Resolution

Also located in the Solar Plexus Center, Gate 6 holds the potential for conflict and the capacity for resolution. This gate’s energy propels individuals to engage with emotional challenges, promoting personal growth and emotional maturity. Carriers of this gate are often skilled navigators of intricate emotional terrains, capable of manifesting understanding and empathy from discord.

Communication and Ideation

Gate 11: A Well of Ideas

In the Ajna Center, Gate 11 serves as a source of constant ideation. This gate fosters a ceaseless stream of thoughts and insights, acting as a catalyst for creativity and innovation. Individuals with this gate are often awash with ideas, able to discern potential where others might see none.

Gate 12: The Power of Words

Present in the Throat Center, Gate 12 carries the energy of caution in expression. This energy highlights the profound impact of words and promotes mindful communication. Those with this gate’s energy are often measured communicators, deftly avoiding unnecessary conflicts and misunderstandings.