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Juxtaposition Cross of Possession (45/26 | 36/6)

Unpacking the Cross of Possession

The Juxtaposition Cross of Possession in human design combines Gate 45 (Gatherer), Gate 26 (Egoist), Gate 36 (Crisis), and Gate 6 (Conflict). People with this configuration are often driven by their desire for possession, which may be material or immaterial. This Cross indicates a life theme centered around understanding the true value of possessions and handling crises or conflicts that arise from the desire to possess.

Delving into the Associated Gates

Gate 45, the Gatherer, positioned in the Throat Center, endows these individuals with a knack for gathering resources. This ability is not only beneficial for their personal gain, but also for the collective good.

Gate 26, the Egoist, located in the Heart Center, inspires them to seek personal gain and satisfaction. This gate might lead them to be perceived as selfish, but in its highest expression, it encourages integrity and honesty in dealings.

Gate 36, the Crisis, situated in the Solar Plexus Center, implies an inclination towards experiencing and learning from crises. This attribute might cause them to face emotional upheavals, but it also equips them to learn and grow from these experiences.

Gate 6, the Conflict, also found in the Solar Plexus Center, suggests a tendency to face and resolve conflicts. Although this might cause occasional turmoil, it can also help them foster understanding and harmony.

Personal Growth and the Cross of Possession

For those carrying the Cross of Possession, personal development often involves learning to balance their desire for possession with their need for emotional balance. Their journey might involve learning the difference between possessing for the sake of possession and possessing for genuine need or joy.

Moreover, learning to navigate and grow from crises and conflicts is another significant aspect of their growth. Understanding that every crisis or conflict presents an opportunity for learning and growth can help them in their journey.

The Cross of Possession in Society

In social and professional settings, people with the Cross of Possession can contribute by their ability to gather resources and handle crises. Their desire for possession can motivate them to achieve more, and their ability to deal with conflicts can help them in leadership positions.

However, they need to ensure that their desire for possessions does not overshadow their need for genuine connections and harmony. Balancing their personal ambitions with their responsibilities towards others can help them thrive in their social interactions.

To sum up, the Juxtaposition Cross of Possession indicates a life theme of balancing the desire for possession with the need to handle crises and conflicts. By understanding the true value of possessions and learning from crises, these individuals can grow and contribute positively to society.