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Left Angle Cross of Prevention (15/10 | 17/18)


The individuals under the Left Angle Cross of Prevention (15/10 | 17/18) in human design are here to inspire the world to live authentically and strive towards a balanced, harmonious existence. Their Human Design chart features Gates 15 and 10 in the G Center, and Gates 17 and 18 in the Ajna Center.

Understanding the Gates

Gate 15, known as the Gate of Extremes, is located in the G Center. This gate bestows an intuitive grasp of life’s rhythms and an inherent love for humanity. Those carrying this energy often experience fluctuations in their own behavior, simultaneously illustrating the importance of balance and extremes in life.

Gate 10, the Gate of Behavior, also situated in the G Center, is about self-love and authenticity. It gives individuals the strength to live their truth and inspire others to do the same.

On the Ajna Center, Gate 17, called the Gate of Opinions, fuels a thirst for understanding and a compulsion to share insights. People with this gate active are often driven to voice their ideas, particularly when those ideas contribute to efficiency and rightness.

Gate 18, the Gate of Correction, gives individuals the instinctive need to spot and fix anything misaligned with their sense of natural order. They are driven to make things better, continually refining and improving their environment.

Life Journey: Balance, Authenticity, and Improvement

Those born under the Left Angle Cross of Prevention are on a life journey that involves encouraging authenticity and maintaining balance, while also being alert to areas requiring correction. They act as guardians of authenticity, inspiring others to live their truth, and they use their intuitive understanding of life’s rhythms to bring balance to their environment.

Their drive to correct and improve is instinctive. They are naturally inclined to rectify anything that seems out of sync with the natural order, whether that’s within themselves or in their surroundings.

Navigating Challenges

The challenge for those carrying this Cross is to ensure that their desire for correction and improvement doesn’t lead to unnecessary conflict or tension. They need to remember that while their insight is valuable, not everyone may be ready to hear it or act upon it.

Maintaining authenticity and living in harmony with life’s extremes are also significant aspects of their journey. The more they live their truth and embrace life’s rhythm, the more they inspire others to do the same.


In conclusion, the Left Angle Cross of Prevention brings a unique blend of authenticity, rhythm, correction, and opinion. The individuals carrying this cross have a vital role in inspiring authenticity, understanding and harmonizing life’s extremes, and advocating for correction and improvement. Their journey is about nurturing balance, honoring individual truths, and refining the world around them.