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Juxtaposition Cross of Interaction (7/13 | 23/43)

Unraveling the Cross of Interaction

The Juxtaposition Cross of Interaction in human design consists of Gates 7 and 13 in the Throat Center, and Gates 23 and 43 in the Ajna Center. This cross signifies a person’s inherent potential for efficient communication, sharing of personal experiences, and ability to structure ideas and opinions.

Gate 7, the Gate of The Role of the Self, in the Throat Center, is about leadership and logistics, and it signifies the energy for guiding and directing.

Gate 13, the Gate of The Listener, also located in the Throat Center, stands for sharing personal stories and experiences and has the energy to be a good listener.

In the Ajna Center, Gate 23, the Gate of Assimilation, carries the energy for structuring and expressing personal ideas and opinions.

Gate 43, the Gate of Insight, also in the Ajna Center, embodies the energy to experience intuitive insights and breakthroughs.

Embracing the Energy of Interaction

Individuals bearing the Juxtaposition Cross of Interaction possess strong communicative skills, leadership abilities, and an inclination to share personal experiences. They have a knack for articulating their ideas clearly and listening attentively to others.

Their life’s journey involves understanding and accepting their inherent abilities and learning to use them in a way that encourages effective interaction and mutual understanding in their environments.

The Influence of the Cross of Interaction

People with this incarnation cross can greatly impact their surroundings through their unique interpersonal skills. Their capability for leadership, articulation, attentive listening, and intuitive insight can encourage open and effective communication.

By harnessing their leadership abilities, skill in sharing experiences, articulation of ideas, and intuitive insight, they can create an environment that values open dialogue, mutual understanding, and innovative thinking.


The Juxtaposition Cross of Interaction combines the energies of leadership, storytelling, articulation, and intuitive insight. Those with this cross naturally guide and direct, share their experiences, structure and express their ideas, and have intuitive insights. Their life journey involves leveraging these unique abilities to foster effective interaction and mutual understanding in their personal and professional environments.