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Juxtaposition Cross of Contribution (8/14 | 55/59)

Delving into the Cross of Contribution

The Juxtaposition Cross of Contribution in human design, made up of Gates 8 (Contribution), 14 (Power Skills), 55 (Spirit), and 59 (Sexuality), represents a life theme that revolves around individualism, power skills, spirit and sexuality. It suggests a life devoted to bringing individual talent and skills into the collective, thereby contributing to a greater good.

Analyzing the Gates

Gate 8, located in the Throat Center, is called the Gate of Contribution. It’s associated with individual expression, and the drive to make a personal contribution to society.

Gate 14, situated in the Sacral Center, is known as the Gate of Power Skills. This gate brings forth the energy to fuel passion and drive to use one’s abilities and resources to achieve goals.

Gate 55, also in the Solar Plexus Center, is called the Gate of Spirit. It’s about emotional energy, inner harmony, and a deeply personal and unique spiritual perspective.

Gate 59, located in the Sacral Center, is the Gate of Sexuality. It represents the drive for procreation, intimacy, and breaking down barriers to achieve deeper understanding and connection with others.

Personal Journey with the Cross of Contribution

Those with the Juxtaposition Cross of Contribution are driven by the need to use their unique abilities and perspectives to make a difference. They’re on a journey to contribute their talents and skills in a meaningful way.

Their path is characterized by individual expression, resourcefulness, spiritual insight, and a deep understanding of relationships and intimacy.

Societal Role of the Cross of Contribution

In a societal context, these individuals can serve as conduits of change, expressing their individuality, and using their skills and understanding to make a positive impact. They may excel in roles where they can apply their talents in a way that contributes to the greater good, possibly as coaches, counselors, artists, spiritual guides or advocates for social change.

The Juxtaposition Cross of Contribution blends the energies of individual contribution, power skills, spirituality and sexuality, resulting in a life path dedicated to bringing about change through individual talent and spiritual insight. Their journey reflects the power of individual contribution in enhancing collective growth and wellbeing.