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Juxtaposition Cross of Doubts (63/64 | 26/45)

Underlying Elements of the Cross of Doubts

The Juxtaposition Cross of Doubts in human design is made up of Gates 63 and 64 in the Head Center, in combination with Gates 26 and 45 in the Throat Center. This configuration suggests an individual’s inherent capacity to question, doubt, imagine, and articulate, shaping their engagement with life and reality.

Gate 63, the Gate of Doubt, is situated in the Head Center and symbolizes the ability to question, doubt, and seek logical clarity. This gate drives the need for logical certainty and the pursuit of understanding.

Gate 64, the Gate of Confusion, also found in the Head Center, represents the energy to imagine, to recognize patterns, and to process the chaos of existence into a coherent narrative.

In the Throat Center, Gate 26, the Gate of the Trickster, embodies the energy of cleverness and strategic communication. This gate signifies the potential for tactical articulation and the ability to influence others through storytelling or persuasive speech.

Gate 45, the Gate of Gathering Together, located in the Throat Center, symbolizes the power to lead, manage, and share resources. It signifies leadership potential and the ability to bring people together for common goals.

Activating the Energy of Doubts

Those carrying the Juxtaposition Cross of Doubts naturally question the world around them, seeking understanding through doubt and imagination. Their mental processes may often involve imagining various scenarios or possibilities, questioning their validity, and seeking logical clarity.

Their journey involves recognizing their unique mental process and harnessing it effectively. They are often able to communicate their thoughts and doubts strategically, which can help them influence others. Their leadership potential, combined with their questioning mind, allows them to bring people together towards common goals while fostering a culture of inquiry and imagination.

The Influence of the Cross of Doubts

Individuals with this incarnation cross can significantly influence their communities through their unique cognitive processes. Their capacity to question, imagine, communicate strategically, and lead can bring about meaningful change and innovation. By questioning established norms and imagining new possibilities, they can help to foster an environment that values inquiry, imagination, and strategic communication.


The Juxtaposition Cross of Doubts encapsulates the energy of doubt, imagination, strategic communication, and leadership. Those with this incarnation cross have the potential to question their reality, imagine new possibilities, communicate their thoughts strategically, and lead others towards common goals. Their life’s journey involves recognizing these unique capacities and using them to influence their communities and bring about meaningful change.