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Right Angle Cross of Maya (32/42 | 62/61)

Unlocking the Right Angle Cross of Maya (32/42 | 62/61)

The Right Angle Cross of Maya (32/42 | 62/61) represents a specific interplay of energies in Human Design, combining the forces of Gates 32, 42, 62, and 61. This particular composition encourages individuals towards survival, growth, practicality, and the quest for inner truth.

Located in the Spleen Center, Gate 32 is known as the Gate of Continuity or Survival. It embodies the energy for preservation, endurance, and the knack to adapt and survive through varying circumstances.

Gate 42, residing in the Sacral Center, is the Gate of Growth or Completion in human design. It encapsulates the energy for maturation and completion of processes, fostering personal transformative journeys.

Maya’s Laws: Continuity, Growth, Practicality, and Inner Truth

Gate 62, nestled in the Throat Center, carries the title of the Gate of Details or Practicality. It holds the energy for managing practical details, highlighting the necessity of realistic and logical thinking when conveying ideas and knowledge.

Housed in the Head Center, Gate 61 is recognized as the Gate of Inner Truth or Wonder. This gate drives the quest for inner truth, sparking deep contemplation, introspection, and a sense of awe and wonder about the universe.

The amalgamation of these energies births the Right Angle Cross of Maya. Individuals with this design often manifest a unique fusion of survival instincts (Gate 32), transformative growth (Gate 42), practical thinking (Gate 62), and inner wonder (Gate 61).

Embracing Your Right Angle Cross of Maya

If you possess the Right Angle Cross of Maya in your Human Design chart, you are likely gifted with a special ability to adapt and endure varying circumstances (Gate 32), navigate transformative journeys (Gate 42), think practically (Gate 62), and delve deep into introspection (Gate 61).

Your innate survival instincts, growth-oriented nature, practical thinking, and introspective capacity equips you with a balanced approach to personal and professional evolution, adaptation, reflection, and implementation.

Walking Your Path with the Right Angle Cross of Maya

The Right Angle Cross of Maya manifests practically as a balance between continuity, growth, practicality, and inner truth. Your survival instincts (Gate 32) and growth-oriented nature (Gate 42) allow you to evolve and adapt to varying circumstances efficiently.

Simultaneously, your practical thinking (Gate 62) and introspective nature (Gate 61) enable you to reflect and strategize effectively.

By understanding and harnessing these energies, you can journey through life with a unique blend of endurance, growth, practicality, and introspection.