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Right Angle Cross of The Unexpected (41/31 | 28/27)

Right Angle Cross of The Unexpected (41/31 | 28/27)

The Right Angle Cross of The Unexpected in human design with Gates 41, 31, 28, and 27 involves the surprising elements of life, the ability to lead, to take calculated risks, and provide nurture. These gates are found within the Root, Throat, and Sacral Centers.

Contraction and Leadership

In the Root Center, Gate 41, the Gate of Contraction, embodies the energy for downsizing and minimizing in preparation for something new. Those with this gate have a natural inclination to simplify, to distill experiences, and are comfortable with the unfamiliar.

Found within the Throat Center, Gate 31, known as the Gate of Leadership, carries the energy for leading and influencing others. Individuals with this Gate possess strong communication abilities, guiding others through life’s uncertainties with grace and determination.

Risk and Nurturing

Moving into the Sacral Center, Gate 28 is the Gate of Risk, highlighting the capacity to confront challenges head-on. Individuals carrying this Gate tend to probe the depth of life’s mysteries, unafraid of the potential risks that may come their way.

Also within the Sacral Center is Gate 27, the Gate of Caring. This energy manifests as a natural urge to nurture and protect those around, adding an element of caregiving to the potency of this Cross.

The Journey of the Right Angle Cross of The Unexpected

Those bearing the Right Angle Cross of The Unexpected embark on a journey filled with surprising twists and turns. They possess leadership abilities, a protective nature, an openness to exploring the depths of life, and an ease with the concept of reduction to allow for new experiences.

Despite the unpredictability of their paths, these individuals learn resilience through adversity, fostering growth and instilling a sense of profound purpose.

Impacting Others with The Right Angle Cross of The Unexpected

Individuals with this Cross often serve as agents of unexpected change in the lives of others. Their leadership, protective nature, fearlessness in the face of challenges, and ability to embrace the unfamiliar inspire those around them to delve deeper into life’s mysteries, take risks, and embrace new beginnings.