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Right Angle Cross of The Unexpected (28/27 | 31/41)

Right Angle Cross of The Unexpected (28/27 | 31/41)

The Right Angle Cross of The Unexpected in human design, with Gates 28, 27, 31, and 41, embodies the ability to confront the unpredictable aspects of life with courage and resilience, a caring nature, and a strong sense of leadership. These Gates are located within the Sacral, Throat, and Root Centers.

Risk and Caring

In the Sacral Center, Gate 28, known as the Gate of Risk, is all about resilience and confronting life’s challenges with courage. Individuals with this Gate are often driven to explore life’s depths and are willing to take risks to uncover its deeper meanings.

Also in the Sacral Center, Gate 27, known as the Gate of Caring, brings the energy of nurturing and protection. Individuals with this Gate have a natural drive to care for, nourish, and protect others, which adds a caring dimension to the energy of this Cross.

Leadership and Contraction

Located in the Throat Center, Gate 31, known as the Gate of Leadership, embodies the energy of guiding and influencing others. Those with this Gate can generate powerful communication, leading others through the unpredictable and often challenging aspects of life.

In the Root Center, Gate 41, known as the Gate of Contraction, represents the need for periods of reduction or contraction to make way for new experiences. It’s about simplifying or letting go of certain things to accommodate for the new and unexpected.

Journey of the Right Angle Cross of The Unexpected

Individuals carrying the Right Angle Cross of The Unexpected lead lives filled with surprising twists and turns. They are leaders and caretakers, guiding and protecting others, while also courageously plunging into life’s depths and embracing periods of contraction to allow for new experiences.

Even though their path may be marked with uncertainty, it is laden with profound purpose and the potential for growth, teaching them resilience in the face of adversity.

Influence of the Right Angle Cross of The Unexpected

People with this Cross are often catalysts for unexpected changes in others’ lives. They provide leadership and care, while simultaneously pushing boundaries and accepting life’s unpredictability. Through their strength, they inspire others to search for deeper meanings in life, take risks, and remain open to new beginnings.