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Right Angle Cross of Rulership (26/45 | 47/22)

Deciphering the Right Angle Cross of Rulership (26/45 | 47/22)

The Right Angle Cross of Rulership (26/45 | 47/22) in Human Design brings together the energies of Gates 26, 45, 47, and 22. This integration contributes traits of egoism, gathering, realisation, and openness.

Gate 26, situated in the Heart Center, is the Gate of Egoism in human design. It is associated with the energy of articulate communication, particularly in sales and persuasion, often driven by a strong desire for personal gain and influence.

Gate 45, located in the Throat Center, is known as the Gate of Gathering Together. This gate represents the energy for managing resources and sharing them with the community, often indicating leadership qualities and a natural ability to amass and distribute resources for the collective good.

Harmonising Egoism, Gathering, and Realisation

Gate 47, located in the Ajna Center, is referred to as the Gate of Realisation. This gate signifies the energy for processing experiences, introspection, and deep comprehension, often showing a capacity for profound insight, especially during challenging times or from past experiences.

Gate 22, situated in the Solar Plexus Center, is the Gate of Openness. This gate embodies the energy for emotional openness and grace in social interactions. It often reveals a strong inclination towards aesthetics and a remarkable ability to charm and persuade others.

When these energies interact, they form the Right Angle Cross of Rulership, symbolising the dynamic interplay between egoism (Gate 26), gathering (Gate 45), realisation (Gate 47), and openness (Gate 22). It signifies a unique balance of articulate communication, resource management, deep understanding, and emotional openness.

Embracing the Right Angle Cross of Rulership

If your Human Design chart features the Right Angle Cross of Rulership, you likely possess a balance of communication skills, resourcefulness, introspection, and emotional grace. Your persuasive communication (Gate 26), together with your ability to manage and distribute resources (Gate 45), could make you an influential figure in your community.

Your capacity for deep insight and understanding (Gate 47) and your emotional openness (Gate 22) enable you to form meaningful connections with others and process experiences with depth.

The Right Angle Cross of Rulership in Your Life

In practical terms, the Right Angle Cross of Rulership can manifest as a balance between persuasive communication and deep comprehension of experiences. Your persuasive communication (Gate 26) and resourcefulness (Gate 45) could be prominent in your life, making you a key player in your community.

Meanwhile, your ability for deep insight and comprehension (Gate 47) coupled with your emotional openness (Gate 22) can allow you to form strong, meaningful connections with others and to process experiences deeply.

By embracing these energies, you can navigate life with a unique blend of persuasion, resourcefulness, introspection, and openness. This balance equips you to communicate persuasively, manage resources effectively, comprehend experiences deeply, and form meaningful connections.