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Left Angle Cross of Upheaval (17/18 | 38/39)

Exploring the Left Angle Cross of Upheaval (17/18 | 38/39)

The Left Angle Cross of Upheaval (17/18 | 38/39) brings together the unique energies of Gates 17, 18, 38, and 39 within the Human Design System. This combination results in a dynamic force that is both restless and constantly searching for ways to bring about change or improvement, often through questioning norms and challenging the status quo.

Gate 17, residing in the Ajna Center, is known as the Gate of Opinions. It represents the energy of conceptualizing and sharing opinions, and the drive to make sense of the world through mental models and understanding.

Gate 18, located in the Spleen Center, is called the Gate of Correction in human design. It holds the energy of improvement and the urge to perfect, correct, and adjust things for the better.

Merging the Energies of Opinion, Correction, Struggle, and Provocation

Gate 38, positioned in the Root Center, is the Gate of Struggle. It signifies the energy of fighting for a cause or purpose. This struggle is not aimless but is usually directed towards something worth fighting for, thus adding purpose to life.

Gate 39, also located in the Root Center, is the Gate of Provocation. This energy prods and provokes, often pushing boundaries and shaking things up, to bring about change and transformation.

When these forces come together, they form the Left Angle Cross of Upheaval. This cross illustrates a journey filled with a questioning mind, a drive for improvement, a willingness to struggle for a cause, and a tendency to provoke change.

Living the Left Angle Cross of Upheaval

If this is your Cross, you may find yourself constantly challenging the status quo, expressing your opinions, striving for improvement, and fighting for causes you believe in. You might be seen as a provocateur, someone who stirs things up and catalyzes change.

Your natural inclination towards questioning, correcting, struggling, and provoking could lead you to roles that involve reform, innovation, advocacy, or leadership. You might excel in environments that value critique, improvement, passion, and transformation.

The Impact of the Left Angle Cross of Upheaval

In practical terms, the Left Angle Cross of Upheaval might manifest as a life filled with dynamic energy, constant motion, and a deep drive to bring about change. You may find yourself drawn to situations that require a fresh perspective, critical thinking, determined struggle, and provocation for transformation.

Your journey may involve challenging the established order, seeking perfection, fighting for a cause, and provoking change. You could make a difference in the world through your refusal to accept things as they are and your unrelenting drive for transformation. You are a catalyst for upheaval, leading the charge towards a better future.