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Left Angle Cross of The Clarion (51/57 | 61/62)

Constituents of the Cross of The Clarion

The Left Angle Cross of The Clarion in human design, when arranged in this order, with Gates 51 and 57 in the Heart and Splenic Centers respectively, partnered with Gates 61 and 62 in the Throat Center, signifies a composition that encourages courage, intuitive clarity, inner truth and practical thinking.

Located in the Heart Center, Gate 51 is the Gate of Shock or the Arousing. It emits an energy that fosters courage, resilience, and a readiness to face challenges, even those that may shock or surprise.

Gate 57, situated in the Splenic Center, is the Gate of Intuitive Clarity or the Gentle. This gate provides the ability to intuitively navigate future paths, favoring gentleness and subtlety.

In the Throat Center, Gate 61 is known as the Gate of Inner Truth or Mystery. It houses the energy that seeks truth from within and encourages inspiration, curiosity, and a yearning to understand the mysterious and unexplained.

Also positioned in the Throat Center, Gate 62 is the Gate of Detail or the Preponderant. This gate’s energy seeks practicality, focusing on the minute details to aid logical conclusions.

Embodying the Clarion’s Energy

Those imbued with the Cross of The Clarion exhibit an innate courage to face life’s unexpected challenges, complemented by an intuitive understanding of future developments. Their logical, detail-oriented mindset, combined with their quest to uncover inner truths, facilitates their path through life with clarity and resilience.

Their journey requires the acceptance and nurturing of their courage to confront shocks in life and their intuitive abilities. Further, it involves developing their capability to concentrate on details and follow logical patterns, while fostering their inherent curiosity and love for mystery.

Impact of The Clarion

Individuals blessed with this incarnation cross can make significant contributions to their communities with their unique ability to predict, comprehend, and prepare for future scenarios intuitively. Their resilient nature, combined with their detail-oriented logic, makes them invaluable assets in problem-solving situations.

Their intrinsic curiosity about inner truths and the mysterious can lead to innovative breakthroughs and fresh understandings, catalyzing growth and evolution within their societies.


The Left Angle Cross of The Clarion, with the energies of courage, intuitive clarity, inner truth-seeking, and detail-oriented practicality, endows individuals with a unique blend of skills. These abilities enable them to navigate life’s complexities with intuition, resilience, pragmatism, and a deep-rooted curiosity. For these individuals, their journey is about harnessing these energies to actualize their highest potential.