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Left Angle Cross of Spirit (59/55 | 16/9)

The Spirit of Connection

The Left Angle Cross of Spirit in human design, when defined by Gates 59, 55, 16, and 9, represents an individual’s journey to foster emotional depth and establish profound connections. It is the intersection of interpersonal relationships, spiritual growth, talent, and concentrated focus.

Those influenced by this Cross carry an intense emotional charge coupled with the potential to form deep, meaningful relationships. Their inherent abilities and focus act as a medium for expressing their emotional richness and spiritual energy.

The Gates and Their Importance

The Gate 59, found in the Sacral Center, is the Gate of Dispersion. It concerns breaking through resistance to create deep relationships, supported by an innate understanding of emotional connectivity. Complementing this, the Gate 55, located in the Solar Plexus Center, is the Gate of Abundance. It involves carrying a broad range of emotional experiences and an intuitive sense of what is spiritually correct.

On the other side of the Cross, we have the Gate 16 in the Throat Center. Known as the Gate of Skills, it is characterized by the expression of talent, and a joyous and enthusiastic approach to life. Additionally, the Gate 9, housed in the Sacral Center, is the Gate of Focus. It lends energy towards detailed concentration, enhancing the ability to tackle tasks or goals with determination.

Embodying the Left Angle Cross of Spirit

Individuals carrying the Left Angle Cross of Spirit are encouraged to express their emotional truth and build meaningful relationships. They possess the natural ability to connect deeply with others, often acting as a beacon of emotional abundance and understanding. They are here to share their spirit, enthusiasm, and skills with the world around them.

Despite these strengths, they may encounter challenges understanding and managing their own emotional landscape. However, these experiences ultimately serve as catalysts for growth, aiding in the development of emotional intelligence and the honing of their unique skills.


The Left Angle Cross of Spirit symbolizes a path rooted in emotional exploration, relationship building, and focused skill expression. Individuals with this Cross are spiritual nurturers, utilizing their emotional energy to inspire and uplift those around them. By understanding the power of their Incarnation Cross, they can live authentically, knowing their