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Left Angle Cross of Separation (5/35 | 47/22)

The Unfolding Gates

The Left Angle Cross of Separation in human design represents a potent energy configuration with a unique blend of predictability, exploration, realization, and openness. It comprises Gates 5 and 35 in the Sacral and Throat Centers, respectively, along with Gates 47 and 22 in the Ajna and Solar Plexus Centers.

Gate 5: The Gate of Waiting

Positioned in the Sacral Center, Gate 5 embodies the essence of patience, rhythm, and regularity. Individuals with this gate active in their design demonstrate respect for natural cycles and understand the necessity of waiting for the correct timing in life.

Gate 35: The Gate of Change

Residing in the Throat Center, Gate 35 is characterized by the urge for progress and new experiences. Those bearing this gate are naturally predisposed to adventure and exploration, driven by their inherent desire for advancement and evolution.

Gate 47: The Gate of Realization

Housed within the Ajna Center, Gate 47 represents the capacity to distill complex experiences into meaningful and applicable insights. Those with this gate carry the ability to extract the essence of their experiences, thereby deepening their understanding of life.

Gate 22: The Gate of Openness

Located in the Solar Plexus Center, Gate 22 emits the energy for expression and communication. This gate fosters open-hearted expression, allowing individuals to share their emotional experiences transparently.

Navigating Life with the Cross of Separation

Those born under the Left Angle Cross of Separation possess a natural ability to discern and separate the essential from the trivial. They are here to explore the rhythms of life, to dive deep into new experiences, and distill profound insights from these encounters.

Their role is to provide clarity amidst chaos, to separate the wheat from the chaff, and communicate their findings in a manner that resonates with others. Their path is characterized by a desire to understand the profound aspects of life’s myriad changes, and share their realizations for the betterment of others. This cross, therefore, represents a life lived in exploration, introspection, and honest communication.