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Left Angle Cross of Prevention (10/15 | 18/17)

The Guardians of Authenticity and Flow

People born under the Left Angle Cross of Prevention (10/15 | 18/17) in human design are instinctive guardians of authenticity and natural flow. Their Human Design chart features Gates 10 and 15 in the G Center, and Gates 18 and 17 in the Ajna Center. This unique combination equips them to encourage genuine behaviors and correct what doesn’t align with natural order.

Understanding the Gates

Gate 10, the Gate of Behavior, situated in the G Center, governs self-love and authenticity. It drives people to express themselves honestly and behave in alignment with their true nature. Individuals with this gate are often inspiring others to do the same by their example.

Gate 15, the Gate of Extremes, also located in the G Center, instills a deep love for humanity and an intuitive understanding of life’s rhythms. Those with this Gate are often seen as fluctuating between extremes while maintaining an underlying sense of order and harmony.

Moving to the Ajna Center, we find Gates 18 and 17. Gate 18, the Gate of Correction, drives individuals to identify and rectify anything that appears out of sync with what they see as the natural order. It’s their instinctive urge to fix and improve.

Gate 17, known as the Gate of Opinions, fuels a thirst for understanding and the desire to share insights. These individuals are often driven to convey their ideas and beliefs, particularly those that contribute to efficiency and correctness.

The Journey of the Left Angle Cross of Prevention

The journey for those with the Left Angle Cross of Prevention involves encouraging authenticity and maintaining natural rhythms, while also having a keen eye for correction and improvement. They often play the role of the corrector in their environment, spotting areas of improvement, and communicating their insights to others.

These individuals exhibit a deep love for humanity and a strong desire for things to flow naturally. They inspire authenticity and correct deviations, often becoming catalysts for change and growth in their surroundings.

Navigating Life with the Left Angle Cross of Prevention

Life for those under the Left Angle Cross of Prevention is about striking the balance between maintaining natural flow and advocating for correction. They must remember that their insights and corrections are valuable but should be shared considerately, understanding that their perspective is one of many.

They are encouraged to live authentically, inspiring others to do the same, and use their innate understanding of life’s rhythms to navigate through their own journey. The extremes they experience and witness are all part of the larger order of life.

In conclusion, the Left Angle Cross of Prevention embodies the journey of guarding authenticity and natural flow, while having an innate urge for improvement. Their journey is about inspiring genuine behavior, understanding life’s rhythms, and advocating for corrections in order to bring things into alignment. They are the instinctive guardians and correctors, contributing to the betterment of their surroundings.