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Left Angle Cross of Duality (34/20 | 40/37)

Understanding the Left Angle Cross of Duality (34/20 | 40/37)

The Left Angle Cross of Duality (34/20 | 40/37) is an intricate and fascinating cross within Human Design. It consists of Gates 34, 20, 40, and 37. These gates represent a dynamic blend of energies centered around individualism, action, community, and harmony.

Gate 34 is located in the Sacral Center and is known as the Gate of Power. This gate carries the energy of great strength, the power to act, and the ability to effect change. It embodies a potent and dynamic life force, driving those with this gate towards impactful action.

Gate 20, found in the Throat Center, is the Gate of the Now in human design. It encapsulates the essence of the present moment, urging those influenced by this energy to be fully present and spontaneous, reacting effectively to the immediate needs and demands of their environment.

The Interplay of the Gates and Their Influence

Moving towards the Heart Center, we encounter Gate 40, which symbolizes the energy of aloneness. Despite its name, it doesn’t indicate loneliness, but rather a need for solitude to rejuvenate and recharge. It’s a reminder that it’s okay to take time for oneself, even when part of a larger community.

Finally, Gate 37, located in the Solar Plexus Center, is referred to as the Gate of the Family or Friendship. This gate represents harmonious community living and emphasizes the value of emotional bonds and mutual respect.

The combination of these gates in the Left Angle Cross of Duality represents a powerful dance between individual power and communal harmony. It embodies the tension and balance between personal strength and action (Gates 34 and 20) and the need for connection and withdrawal (Gates 37 and 40).

Living the Left Angle Cross of Duality

If you have the Left Angle Cross of Duality in your Human Design chart, you might find that you carry a unique balance between the need for individual action and communal participation. You likely have a strong drive to act and affect change (Gate 34), and an ability to stay present in the moment (Gate 20).

However, this active, present energy is counterbalanced by a strong sense of community and an understanding of the need for periods of solitude (Gates 40 and 37). Your personal power and action-oriented approach don’t overshadow your understanding of the importance of emotional connections and mutual respect.

It’s important to remember that this cross is about balance. The interplay between these four gates can bring a beautiful duality to your life. You’re at once powerful and mindful of your community, action-oriented and aware of your need for solitude.

The Left Angle Cross of Duality in Your Life

In practical terms, the Left Angle Cross of Duality can manifest itself in various ways. You may find that you’re often the one to take action or initiate change, driven by the power of Gate 34 and the immediacy of Gate 20.

Yet, you likely also feel a strong sense of community and connection, thanks to Gate 37. You understand the importance of maintaining harmonious relationships and may often find yourself acting as a bridge between individuals, fostering mutual respect and cooperation.

At the same time, you probably understand the value of taking time for yourself, reflected in the energy of Gate 40. You appreciate the need to withdraw from time to time to recharge, giving yourself the solitude you need to maintain your inner balance.

Embracing the energies of the Left Angle Cross of Duality, you can navigate life with a strong sense of personal power and an equal appreciation for community and solitude. In essence, this cross teaches the balance between being an individual within a collective — understanding when to step forward and act, and when to step back and connect or rejuvenate.