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Left Angle Cross of Cycles (53/54 | 42/32)

Constituents of the Cross of Cycles

The Left Angle Cross of Cycles in human design is formed by the alignment of Gates 53 and 54 in the Root Center, combined with Gates 42 and 32 in the Sacral Center. This cross configuration signifies an individual’s natural ability to understand and navigate the cyclical nature of life, marked by beginnings, progress, maturation, and completion.

Gate 53, located in the Root Center, is the Gate of Beginnings, representing the initiation of new cycles and the excitement of embarking on fresh ventures.

Gate 54, also positioned in the Root Center, is the Gate of Progress. This gate denotes an inherent drive to advance and ascend in life, especially in tandem with the rhythms of personal and societal cycles.

In the Sacral Center, Gate 42 is the Gate of Maturation, symbolizing completion and fulfillment. It characterizes the energy needed to bring cycles and projects to fruition.

Also situated in the Sacral Center, Gate 32 is the Gate of Endurance, representing the ability to sustain, persist, and survive. It encapsulates the strength required to endure the cycle of life and its inherent challenges.

Embodying the Energy of Cycles

Those who carry the Left Angle Cross of Cycles naturally resonate with the rhythms and patterns of life. They possess a deep understanding of when to initiate new ventures, how to progress within them, and how to bring them to fruitful completion. This, combined with their strong endurance, enables them to successfully navigate the cyclical flow of life.

Their journey involves aligning with their inner guidance about when to begin new cycles and learning to trust their instincts for advancement. They also need to recognize when a cycle has reached its natural conclusion and should be brought to a close, while also fostering their inherent ability to endure through challenges.

Impact of the Cross of Cycles

Individuals with this incarnation cross can contribute significantly to their communities by bringing a sense of cyclical understanding and rhythm to collective endeavors. Their innate understanding of beginnings, progress, maturation, and completion can bring balance and structure to projects, ensuring their successful realization.

Their inherent endurance also serves as an inspiration to others, fostering resilience and tenacity within their communities. Their understanding of life’s rhythms can help others align more harmoniously with the natural cycles of their own lives.


The Left Angle Cross of Cycles encapsulates the energy of life’s cyclical flow. Those with this incarnation cross are endowed with the abilities to initiate new ventures, progress within them, bring them to fruition, and endure through their challenges. Their life’s journey is about leveraging these unique capacities to navigate their path and support their communities.