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Left Angle Cross of Alignment (27/28 | 19/33)

A Closer Look at the Cross of Alignment

The Left Angle Cross of Alignment in human design consists of Gates 27 and 28, situated in the Sacral and Spleen Centers, paired with Gates 19 and 33, in the Solar Plexus and Throat Centers. This alignment suggests a distinctive blend of energies centered around nourishment, struggle, sensitivity, and retreat.

Gate 27, in the Sacral Center, is known as the Gate of Caring or Nourishment. It carries an energy centered around caring for oneself and others, underlining the significance of nourishment on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Gate 28, located in the Spleen Center, is the Gate of Struggle or the Game Player. This gate brings forth energy that propels individuals to explore life’s depths and understand the purpose and meaning behind life’s struggles.

Gate 19, housed in the Solar Plexus Center, is the Gate of Wanting or Sensitivity. It carries an energy of sensitivity to the needs and emotions of others, as well as a desire to have one’s own needs met.

Gate 33, in the Throat Center, is known as the Gate of Retreat or Privacy. This gate manifests an inclination towards solitude and reflection, allowing individuals to retreat from their experiences to gain a deeper understanding.

Embracing the Alignment’s Energy

Individuals with the Cross of Alignment embody energy that helps them navigate life’s struggles while maintaining a nurturing outlook towards self and others. They are equipped with the capacity for solitude and reflection, often leading to deep insights. Their sensitivity to the needs of others promotes empathy and understanding.

The journey for those with this cross includes learning to accept life’s struggles and understanding how to nurture both themselves and others. Their experiences are deeply influenced by their ability to navigate their own needs and emotions as well as those of others.

The Alignment’s Influence

People with this cross can greatly contribute to their community with their empathetic and understanding nature. Their ability to comprehend and navigate life’s struggles, combined with their innate sensitivity, can serve as a beacon for others who may be facing difficulties.

Moreover, their propensity for solitude and reflection allows them to share insightful and thoughtful solutions, contributing to the resolution of problems and fostering mutual understanding within their communities.

Wrapping Up

The Left Angle Cross of Alignment, encompassing the energies of nourishment, struggle, sensitivity, and retreat, offers individuals a unique set of abilities to understand and navigate life’s complexities. Their potential impact on their communities is profound, with their wisdom, empathy, and understanding. The journey for these individuals involves learning how to harness these energies to realize their highest potential.