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Juxtaposition Cross of Principles (49/4 | 14/8)

Unraveling the Cross of Principles

The Juxtaposition Cross of Principles in human design is composed of Gate 49 (Revolution), Gate 4 (Formulization), Gate 14 (Power Skills), and Gate 8 (Contribution). This cross suggests a life theme centered around the upholding and challenging of principles. People with this cross in their Human Design may frequently find themselves evaluating, refining, or redefining principles—whether their own, or those of the society they belong to.

Investigating the Associated Gates

Gate 49, the gate of Revolution, situated in the Solar Plexus Center, gives individuals the energy to challenge and change the status quo, especially when it is not in alignment with their principles.

Gate 4, the gate of Formulization, located in the Ajna Center, signifies a talent for thinking things through in a logical manner. This aids those with this cross in articulating and refining their principles in a coherent and understandable way.

Gate 14, the gate of Power Skills, in the Sacral Center, suggests the energy and drive to use their skills and talents effectively, particularly when these skills align with their principles.

Gate 8, the gate of Contribution, also situated in the Throat Center, confers a desire to make a meaningful contribution to the world. For these individuals, this contribution is often connected to the promotion or defense of their principles.

Personal Growth and the Cross of Principles

For those with the Cross of Principles, their personal development often revolves around understanding, defining, and refining their principles. They are often driven by the desire to revolutionize societal norms that don’t resonate with their inner truth.

Moreover, their journey often involves finding effective ways to use their skills and talents in line with their principles and finding avenues to make meaningful contributions that reflect their beliefs.

The Cross of Principles in Society

In societal contexts, those with the Cross of Principles can make significant contributions by challenging outmoded norms and principles. Their ability to articulate their thoughts and ideas effectively can also aid in educating others about their beliefs.

It’s crucial, however, for them to ensure that their drive to uphold their principles does not lead to rigidity. They must remain open to revising their principles when necessary, and respect the diverse perspectives present in society.

In conclusion, the Juxtaposition Cross of Principles signifies a life theme of evaluating and refining principles. By harnessing their revolutionary energy, formulating their principles coherently, and making meaningful contributions that align with their beliefs, these individuals can effectively navigate their life paths and contribute to societal evolution.