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Left Angle Cross of Incarnation (24/44 | 13/7)

Understanding the Left Angle Cross of Incarnation (24/44 | 13/7)

The Left Angle Cross of Incarnation (24/44 | 13/7) in Human Design consists of Gates 24, 44, 13, and 7. This fascinating cross represents a blend of energies related to rationalization, alertness, listener, and leadership.

Gate 24, situated in the Ajna Center, is known as the Gate of Rationalization. It carries the energy of mental activity and repetitive thinking, often leading to rationalizing or justifying experiences and ideas.

Gate 44, residing in the Spleen Center, is the Gate of Alertness in human design. It signifies the energy of pattern recognition and the ability to detect and respond to cues from the past to ensure survival.

Balancing Rationalization, Alertness, and Leadership

Moving to the G Center, we find Gate 13, known as the Gate of The Listener. This gate represents the energy for being a witness and listener, absorbing and processing stories and experiences.

Finally, Gate 7, also located in the G Center, is the Gate of The Role of the Self in Interaction. This gate holds the energy of leadership and direction. It signifies the natural ability to take the lead and guide others, especially through democratic means.

When combined in the Left Angle Cross of Incarnation, these gates offer a dynamic interplay between rationalization, alertness, listening, and leadership. This cross illustrates the balance between rational thinking and pattern recognition (Gates 24 and 44) and the ability to listen and lead (Gates 13 and 7).

Embodying the Left Angle Cross of Incarnation

If your Human Design chart features the Left Angle Cross of Incarnation, you likely balance your energies between rational thinking and leadership. You may have a natural inclination for rationalizing experiences and recognizing patterns (Gates 24 and 44), combined with an ability to listen deeply and lead others effectively (Gates 13 and 7).

However, this ability to rationalize is harmoniously paired with a capacity for attentive listening. This blend allows you to process stories and experiences while using your insight to guide others effectively.

This cross is about the balance and interaction between these different energies. You may find yourself constantly rationalizing and recognizing patterns while also listening attentively and leading others.

The Left Angle Cross of Incarnation in Your Life

In practical terms, the Left Angle Cross of Incarnation can manifest in various ways. You might find yourself naturally adept at rational thinking and recognizing patterns, guided by the energies of Gates 24 and 44.

At the same time, you likely have an innate ability to listen deeply (Gate 13) and to guide and lead others (Gate 7). This leadership can be employed in a democratic and inclusive manner, valuing the input and perspectives of others.

By embracing the energies of the Left Angle Cross of Incarnation, you can navigate life with a unique blend of rational thinking, alertness, deep listening, and democratic leadership. This cross essentially teaches the balance between rationalizing and listening and recognizing patterns while leading others effectively.