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Juxtaposition Cross of Opinions (17/18 | 38/39)

Exploring the Cross of Opinions

The Juxtaposition Cross of Opinions in human design consists of Gate 17 (Opinion), Gate 18 (Correction), Gate 38 (Opposition), and Gate 39 (Provocation). Individuals carrying this Cross are naturally inclined towards forming strong opinions, correcting perceived inaccuracies, and challenging and provoking prevailing norms or systems. This configuration suggests a life theme centered on using their opinionated and challenging nature to incite necessary transformations.

Analyzing the Associated Gates

Gate 17, the Opinion, situated in the Ajna Center, bestows these individuals with a powerful capacity to form and express opinions. Their minds are typically active and discerning, leading them to draw clear, substantial viewpoints on various subjects.

Gate 18, the Correction, also residing in the Ajna Center, propels individuals towards spotting and correcting inaccuracies. They have a knack for identifying what’s not working correctly and a desire to make necessary improvements.

In the Root Center, Gate 38, the Opposition, imbues these individuals with an instinctive drive to challenge and oppose. They are naturally drawn to question and resist norms and systems that don’t align with their beliefs or principles.

Lastly, Gate 39, the Provocation, another gate rooted in the Root Center, provides a provocative element to their character. They are capable of stimulating changes and provoking thought, inciting necessary shifts in situations that seem stagnant or stuck.

Personal Growth and the Cross of Opinions

For individuals carrying the Cross of Opinions, personal growth can lie in learning how to balance their strong opinions and correctional tendencies with their ability to challenge and provoke. Understanding when and how to express their viewpoints, how to correct constructively, and when to stir the pot can help them evolve and make the most of their potential.

Their ability to initiate necessary transformations through their words and actions can be a significant asset when channeled in the right direction. At the same time, they may need to consider the timing and impact of their provocations to ensure they result in beneficial change.

The Cross of Opinions in Society

In social and professional settings, those with the Cross of Opinions can act as agents of change and improvement. Their keen eye for details and a knack for spotting inaccuracies can be particularly valuable in fields that demand precision and accuracy. Their capacity to challenge the status quo and provoke thoughts can stir up necessary changes and stimulate growth.

While their strong opinions and correctional tendencies can sometimes stir controversy, when expressed constructively, they can lead to progress and advancement. The key for these individuals is to navigate their interactions with tact, respect, and understanding.

To conclude, the Juxtaposition Cross of Opinions represents a life theme of forming and expressing strong opinions, challenging prevailing norms, provoking changes, and striving for accuracy and improvement. These individuals can be influential in stimulating progress and improvements in their surroundings, demonstrating the power of thoughtful opinions and constructive challenges.