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Juxtaposition Cross of Limitation (60/56 | 28/27)


People with the Juxtaposition Cross of Limitation have a natural understanding of the need for boundaries and limitations. Their energy is characterized by pragmatism, a keen sense of practicality, and an intuitive understanding of the structure and cycles of life.

The Beauty of Boundaries

Those carrying the Gate 60 (Limitation) in the Root Center in human design have a deep understanding of the importance of limits and boundaries. They understand that everything has its limits and that those boundaries often serve as a protection and structure that provides stability.

Communication and Stimulation

With Gate 56 (Stimulation) in the Throat Center, these individuals possess a unique ability to communicate about the importance of boundaries, expressing ideas about limitations in a way that stimulates thought and conversation.

Understanding Structure and Cycles

The Cycle of Life

Individuals under this cross have the Gate 28 (The Game Player) in the Spleen Center, enabling them to deeply understand life’s structure and cycles. They appreciate the cyclical nature of life, understanding that it’s often within these cycles that the importance of limits is most evident.

Practical Preparations

Equipped with Gate 27 (Nourishment) in the Sacral Center, they have a keen sense of practicality. They understand the necessity of practical preparations and protections, knowing that these often serve as important boundaries that ensure survival and success.

Challenges and Potential Pitfalls

Rigid Boundaries

While their understanding of boundaries is a strength, there’s also a risk of becoming too rigid. They may struggle with a tendency to set limitations that are too strict or inflexible, which could potentially restrict their own growth or the growth of others.

Overemphasis on Practicality

With their strong focus on practicality, they may neglect the emotional or imaginative aspects of life. It’s important for them to remember that while practicality is crucial, creativity, emotion, and spontaneity also have their place.

Life Purpose and Strategy

Life Purpose

Those with the Juxtaposition Cross of Limitation are here to guide others in understanding the importance of limits and boundaries. They are called to use their unique understanding of life’s structure and cycles to teach about the role of limitations in creating a stable and successful life.


Their strategy in life is to balance their understanding of boundaries with flexibility and compassion. By recognizing that every rule has an exception and every boundary a door, they can use their understanding of limitations in a way that protects and empowers rather than restricts.