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Juxtaposition Cross of Fates (30/29 | 34/20)

The Intricacies of the Cross of Fates

The Juxtaposition Cross of Fates in human design, incorporating Gates 30 (Desire), 29 (Saying Yes), 34 (Power) and 20 (Now), represents a life theme centered on the exploration of desires, the affirmation of life experiences, individual empowerment, and present moment awareness. This unique combination illustrates a life path characterized by the pursuit of desires, the power of acceptance, the strength of self-reliance, and the significance of being present.

Understanding the Gates

Gate 30, situated in the Solar Plexus Center, is known as the Gate of Desire. It signifies the energy for desires, passions, and cravings, and is the driving force behind life experiences.

Gate 29, located in the Sacral Center, is the Gate of Saying Yes, embodying the energy for commitment, perseverance and the willingness to say yes to life’s experiences.

Gate 34, also in the Sacral Center, is referred to as the Gate of Power. It symbolizes the energy for empowerment, industriousness, and the capacity to put power into action.

Gate 20, situated in the Throat Center, is called the Gate of Now. It represents the drive to be present, act in the moment, and appreciate the immediacy of existence.

Personal Journey with the Cross of Fates

Those with the Juxtaposition Cross of Fates naturally gravitate towards following their desires, affirming life’s experiences, empowering themselves, and staying present in the moment. Their life path frequently involves the pursuit of passion, accepting life’s challenges, manifesting their inner strength, and fully experiencing the present.

They are likely to demonstrate a strong inclination towards their desires, a readiness to embrace life’s experiences, a powerful sense of self-reliance, and an appreciation for the immediacy of life’s moments.

Impact on Society

In the context of societal contributions, those with the Cross of Fates bring a passionate pursuit of desires, steadfast commitment, empowering energies, and present moment awareness to their surroundings. They can thrive in roles that require passion, perseverance, empowerment, and present-focused action, perhaps as artists, life coaches, motivational speakers, or mindfulness practitioners.

The Juxtaposition Cross of Fates merges the energies of desire, affirmation, power, and presence, crafting a life purpose that revolves around the pursuit of passions, the power of acceptance, self-empowerment, and the beauty of the present moment. Their journey reflects how desire, commitment, empowerment, and presence can shape personal evolution and societal progress.