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Human Design Authority – Splenic Inner Authority

Understanding the Splenic Inner Authority

The Splenic Inner Authority in Human Design is found in Manifestors and Projectors with an undefined or open Sacral center and an undefined or open Emotional Solar Plexus. Those with this authority have their spleen defined, providing them with a direct link to their body’s intuitive intelligence.

This Authority operates in the moment and is the voice of intuition in its most primal form. The spleen communicates through quick, intuitive hits or feelings, which may not always make logical sense. It’s crucial to pay attention to these gut instincts as they arise, as they will not repeat or linger around.

The Nature of Splenic Decision Making

Those with a Splenic Inner Authority are gifted with an innate sense of knowing. However, this sense is fleeting and non-rational, which can make it challenging to trust, especially in a world that highly values logic and reasoning. The splenic voice can be subtle and easy to miss if one is not attuned to it.

The decisions made through the Splenic Inner Authority are often spontaneous and in the moment. They cannot be planned for or premeditated. It’s essential to trust in the spontaneity of this authority and allow it to guide you in the moment.

The Role of Fear in the Splenic Inner Authority

The spleen is also the center of survival instinct and fear in the Human Design system. This means that it can signal danger or safety through visceral sensations. While this is beneficial for survival, it can sometimes be tricky to discern between fear that is protecting and fear that is hindering growth.

In general, it’s advisable to pay attention to fears that arise spontaneously and unexpectedly, as these are likely signals from the Splenic Inner Authority. Recurring fears or worries, on the other hand, are often products of the mind and should not guide decision-making.

Nurturing Your Splenic Inner Authority

Cultivating a relationship with your Splenic Inner Authority involves a daily practice of attentiveness and trust. The more you listen to and act on your intuition, the more you can trust its guidance. Over time, you will become more attuned to the subtle signals from your spleen.

It’s also helpful to nurture your body, as physical well-being supports a strong intuitive sense. Practices like regular exercise, nutritious food, and adequate rest can keep your spleen healthy and your intuitive senses sharp.

Remember that the Splenic Inner Authority is about the present moment. It’s about trusting in the spontaneous, often inexplicable, wisdom that arises from within and letting it guide your path.

Splenic Inner Authority and Relationships

The Splenic Inner Authority can play a significant role in relationships. It can provide instant clarity about people, indicating whether their presence is beneficial or detrimental. This can guide one towards healthy relationships and away from those that aren’t supportive or nourishing.

This isn’t to say that every relationship decision should be based solely on a momentary intuition. It’s essential to balance this inner knowing with respect for others’ feelings and the complexity of human relationships. However, having the courage to listen to and act on your Splenic Inner Authority can lead to more fulfilling and authentic relationships.

Splenic Inner Authority and Career Choices

The spontaneous and intuitive nature of the Splenic Inner Authority can greatly influence career decisions. When considering a job opportunity, the person with this authority might get an immediate sense of whether this role is right for them. This might not be a conscious or logical process – it can be as simple as a feeling of excitement or a sense of unease.

The key is to trust these signals and understand that they are guiding you towards where you are meant to be. This might sometimes lead to unconventional career paths or unexpected shifts, but it will always align with what is correct for you. And with each decision, the trust in your Splenic Authority will grow, making it easier to navigate future career decisions.

The Challenge of Recognizing the Splenic Voice

Recognizing the voice of the Splenic Inner Authority can be a significant challenge, especially for those who are new to Human Design or have been conditioned to rely on logical thinking. The splenic voice is often described as quiet and subtle. It can easily be drowned out by the louder voices of the mind or the emotions.

One of the best ways to become familiar with the voice of the spleen is through practice and observation. This could mean intentionally quieting the mind through practices like meditation or mindfulness. It could also mean consciously reflecting on past situations where a gut feeling proved right, to develop a better understanding of how this intuition manifests.

Interactions Between Splenic and Other Authorities

Understanding how your Splenic Inner Authority interacts with other Authorities can also provide valuable insights. For instance, if you have both the Splenic and Emotional Solar Plexus defined, you may find that your intuition is intertwined with your emotional clarity. This could mean that you need to wait for emotional waves to pass before you can clearly hear your intuitive voice.

Similarly, if you have both the Splenic and Sacral centers defined, you may experience a blend of sacral responses (“uh-huh” or “un-un”) and quick intuitive insights. Understanding these nuances can help you further refine your decision-making process.

The Role of Conditioning in Splenic Inner Authority

One of the key challenges for those with a Splenic Inner Authority is the societal conditioning that values logic over intuition. Many people are taught from a young age to think things through, to weigh pros and cons, and to make decisions based on rational analysis. This conditioning can make it difficult to trust in the spontaneous and non-rational wisdom of the spleen.

However, understanding this conditioning is the first step to overcoming it. As you practice trusting your Splenic Inner Authority, you will begin to see the wisdom in your intuition. Over time, this trust will grow, allowing you to navigate life with greater confidence and authenticity.