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What are the basics of Human Design?

Human Design is a holistic self-discovery tool that integrates principles from various disciplines including astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, the Hindu-Brahmin chakra system, and quantum physics. Introduced by Ra Uru Hu in 1987, it provides a unique, detailed blueprint of an individual’s energetic design, helping people understand their own nature and navigate life more effectively.

At its core, Human Design is about decision-making. It offers profound insights into how we interact with the world, make decisions, and use energy. The system offers a ‘user manual’ for life, enabling individuals to make decisions that are in alignment with who they truly are, rather than being influenced by societal pressures or conditioning.

The Human Design chart, often referred to as the BodyGraph, is an individual’s unique blueprint. It maps out various centers, channels, and gates, each of which have a specific meaning. The placement of these elements and whether they are defined (colored in) or undefined (white) gives detailed insights into an individual’s characteristics, strengths, challenges, and purpose.

A fundamental concept in Human Design is the idea of ‘types.’ There are four types: Generators (including Manifesting Generators), Projectors, Manifestors, and Reflectors. Each type has a different strategy for decision-making, different ways of using energy, and different potential pitfalls, known as the not-self theme.

Human Design is a powerful tool for self-understanding. It provides in-depth insights into our energy dynamics, decision-making strategies, and potential for growth. The system invites us to experiment with its knowledge, observing our lives through this new lens, and discovering what feels correct and authentic for us. It’s not about subscribing to a set of beliefs, but about experiential validation, personal revelation, and ultimately, living a life that is in alignment with our true nature.

Understanding Your Human Design Type

One of the fundamental aspects of Human Design is your Type. There are four Types: Generators, Projectors, Manifestors, and Reflectors. Knowing your Type can provide insights into how you interact with the world and make decisions that are correct for you.

Generators, including Manifesting Generators, are the builders of the world, making up about 70% of the population. Their strategy is to wait to respond, utilizing their consistent and sustainable Sacral energy to create and build. The not-self theme for Generators is frustration, which arises when they are not using their energy in satisfying ways.

Projectors, making up about 20% of the population, are the guides of the world. Their strategy is to wait for an invitation, specifically for big aspects of life such as career and relationships. They are naturally attuned to understanding others and can efficiently guide energy. Their not-self theme is bitterness, which arises when they are not recognized or valued for their talents and insights.

Manifestors, about 9% of the population, are the initiators of the world. They are the only type that is designed to initiate actions. Their strategy is to inform others about their plans before taking action to avoid resistance. Their not-self theme is anger, which arises when they are not in control or face resistance to their initiatives.

Reflectors, the rarest type at 1% of the population, are the evaluators of the world. Their strategy is to wait for a full lunar cycle before making significant decisions, giving them time to sample and reflect on the energies around them. Their not-self theme is disappointment, which arises when they are in unhealthy environments or when they make hasty decisions.

The Centers in Human Design

Another essential aspect of Human Design is the nine energy Centers in your BodyGraph. Each Center corresponds to a specific aspect of your life and indicates particular strengths and potential challenges.

The Head Center is the pressure to think, question, doubt, and process information. It is the center of inspiration.

The Ajna Center is the conceptualizing mind, where fixed beliefs and flexible concepts reside. It’s about how we think and process information.

The Throat Center is the center for communication and manifestation. It’s where we express our thoughts and ideas.

The G Center is the center of identity, direction, and love. It’s about our sense of self, our direction in life, and how we love.

The Heart/Will Center is the center for ego, willpower, and value. It’s about our will to do things, our sense of worth, and how we prove ourselves.

The Solar Plexus Center is the emotional center, associated with feelings, emotions, and desires. It’s about our emotional state and emotional intelligence.

The Sacral Center is the center of life-force energy, sexuality, and work power. It’s about our ability to do work, our vitality, and our sexuality.

The Spleen Center is the center for health, intuition, and survival instinct. It’s about our sense of timing, intuition, health, and well-being.

Finally, the Root Center is the adrenal or stress center. It’s about the pressure to act and the drive to survive.

Each center can be defined (consistent, reliable energy) or undefined (inconsistent, adaptable energy), which greatly influences your interaction with the world.

Your Authority in Human Design

Authority in Human Design refers to your inner decision-making process. It is how you are designed to make decisions that are correct for you, without the influence of the mind’s conditioning.

There are seven types of authorities: Sacral, Emotional, Splenic, Ego-Manifested, Self-Projected, Lunar Cycle, and No Inner Authority. Each authority is linked to a specific center in your BodyGraph, and it’s unique to each individual. Understanding your authority can help you make decisions that align with your true self, leading to a life of less resistance and more fulfillment.

For instance, a person with a Sacral Authority has a reliable gut response, while someone with an Emotional Authority needs to ride out their emotional wave before reaching clarity. A Splenic Authority uses their intuitive hits for immediate decision-making, whereas a Self-Projected Authority gains clarity through verbalizing their process.

Remember, your authority is not something the mind decides; it’s something the body knows instinctively. It’s about tuning into your body’s wisdom and trusting the signals it gives you.

Profiles in Human Design

In Human Design, your Profile adds another layer of understanding to your Type and Authority. It’s composed of two numbers, like 1/3, 5/1, or 6/2, and these numbers represent a combination of twelve possible roles that we play in life, known as Lines.

Each Profile has a specific way of seeing and interacting with the world. For example, a 1/3 profile is called the Investigator/Martyr, indicating a person who needs to investigate and deeply understand things (Line 1) and learns by trial and error (Line 3).

Understanding your Profile can provide insights into your purpose in life, your ideal learning style, and how you best interact with others. It can shed light on your strengths and potential challenges, helping you to live in alignment with your true nature.

Common Misunderstandings about Human Design

While Human Design can provide profound insights and tools for self-understanding, it’s essential to remember a few key points to avoid common misunderstandings.

First, Human Design is not about labeling or limiting oneself. The types, profiles, centers, and other elements provide a language for understanding energy dynamics, but they are not meant to box you in or restrict your potential.

Second, understanding your design aims not to achieve a perfect state but to experiment and discover what works for you. It’s about noticing patterns in your life and making adjustments that bring you closer to living in alignment with your design.

Third, there is no ‘best’ or ‘worst’ design. Each design has its strengths and challenges, and every person is capable of living out their design in a way that is fulfilling and correct for them.

Finally, the mind is not the enemy in Human Design. Although the system often emphasizes following our strategy and authority instead of our minds, this doesn’t mean the mind is bad. It’s about recognizing the mind’s limitations in decision-making and appreciating its strength in processing information and providing wisdom.

The Purpose of Human Design

The primary purpose of Human Design is to offer a system of understanding oneself that can help individuals live a more fulfilling and authentic life. It provides a unique ‘user manual’ for each person, showing their energetic blueprint, which can guide their decisions and interactions with the world.

Human Design is about helping individuals discover who they are at their core, separate from societal conditioning or expectations. By understanding their design, individuals can experiment with making decisions in a new way that aligns with their unique nature, leading to less resistance and more flow in their lives.

Moreover, Human Design can guide us toward our unique life purpose. By understanding our Type, Strategy, Authority, Centers, Channels, Gates, and Profile, we can better understand what we are here to do and how we can best interact with the world to fulfill our purpose.

The Difference Between Astrology and Human Design

While both Human Design and astrology offer systems for understanding oneself and one’s life path, they are different in their origins, methodologies, and the insights they provide.

Astrology, a centuries-old practice, primarily uses the positions of celestial bodies at the time of one’s birth to give insights into personality traits, life trends, and future possibilities. It is largely based on the interpretation of an astrological chart, which represents the sky at the moment of birth.

Human Design, on the other hand, integrates principles from astrology, the I Ching, Kabbalah, the chakra system, and quantum physics. It uses the birth data to produce a BodyGraph, which maps out an individual’s energy dynamics and decision-making strategies.

One significant difference is that while astrology emphasizes the influence of celestial bodies, Human Design emphasizes the individual’s decision-making process and interaction with the world. Human Design incorporates planetary positions, but it also considers the neutrinos’ impact, subatomic particles that carry information from the cosmos.

The Benefits of Knowing Your Human Design

Knowing your Human Design can have numerous benefits, contributing to personal growth, relationships, career, and overall life satisfaction.

First, it can provide profound self-understanding, helping you to see your strengths, challenges, and unique characteristics more clearly. This self-knowledge can lead to greater self-acceptance and confidence.

Second, understanding your Human Design can guide your decision-making process. By following your Strategy and Authority, you can make decisions that align with who you truly are, leading to less resistance and more flow in your life.

Third, Human Design can provide insights into your purpose and potential in life. It can guide you towards the roles and environments where you can thrive and fulfill your unique purpose.

Fourth, it can improve your relationships. By understanding not only your design but also the designs of others, you can navigate relationships with greater understanding, compassion, and effective communication.

Lastly, knowing your Human Design can enhance your career. Understanding your Type and Profile can guide you towards the work environments and roles where your unique talents can shine, leading to greater job satisfaction and success.


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  1. aHumanDesign found me through an ad on Facebook. And and I am more than thrilled you did! Thank you for all this valuable information.
    I AM a Manifestor (also a Messenger embodying The Grand Oracle – from another Program) and have been consciously traveling my human experience for 30 years as Minister, Teacher of Spiritual Truths, Spiritual Life Coach, Tarot Card reader, Artist, Author, etc. etc. I have also studied many modalities and how beautiful to find them brought together sharing the wonderful complexity and genius of this design called "human being."
    As I read and reflect on my past 72 years on Earth I can better see and understand when and how I was aligned and when and how I was not aligned with my unique design. Very healing in itself.

    Thanks again for this information.

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