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Career Choices for People with a 1/3 Profile


Human Design profiles provide valuable insights into how individuals operate and interact with the world around them. For those with a 1/3 profile, the combination of being investigative (1) and experiential (3) leads to a unique approach in professional environments. They dive deep to understand foundations and aren’t afraid to learn from experiences, even if it means making mistakes. Let’s delve into the optimal career choices for the 1/3 profile.

1. Research and Development

Innate Curiosity

People with a 1/3 profile have an inherent desire to uncover truths. This trait makes them ideal candidates for research roles where in-depth investigation is required to explore new theories or improve existing ones.

Learning from Trial and Error

Their experiential side means they aren’t deterred by failures or mistakes. In the field of R&D, setbacks are common, but for the 1/3 profile, these are viewed as invaluable learning experiences that contribute to future success.

Attention to Detail

The investigative nature of the 1/3 profile ensures a keen attention to detail. This is critical in research roles, especially where minute details can significantly impact outcomes.

Collaborative Environments

While they’re excellent solo investigators, the 1/3 profile also thrives in collaborative environments. Their experiences and insights can provide teams with alternative viewpoints, enriching the overall research process.

Diverse Fields

Whether it’s medical research, tech innovation, or environmental studies, the 1/3 profile’s skillset is versatile. Their combination of foundational investigation and experiential learning is an asset to any research field.

2. Consulting & Advisory Roles

Depth of Knowledge

With their propensity for in-depth investigation, people with a 1/3 profile often amass a wealth of knowledge in their chosen fields. This positions them well for advisory roles where clients benefit from profound insights.

Varied Experiences

Having learned from a multitude of experiences, both good and bad, the 1/3 profile is well-equipped to offer guidance on what works and what doesn’t. This real-world experience is invaluable in consulting roles.

Tailored Solutions

Thanks to their investigative side, they don’t offer one-size-fits-all solutions. Instead, they tailor their advice based on thorough analyses, ensuring the best outcomes for their clients.

Building Trust

Clients and companies value consultants who not only provide advice but also understand the intricacies of challenges. The 1/3 profile’s approach naturally fosters trust, as they resonate with genuine understanding.


From business strategy and tech consulting to personal coaching, the 1/3 profile can cater to a range of consultancy niches. Their method of diving deep and learning from experiences offers a fresh perspective in various domains.

3. Education & Training

Passion for Foundations

The 1/3 profile has a passion for understanding the foundations of any subject. This makes them excellent educators, as they ensure students grasp core concepts before moving on to more complex topics.

Experiential Teaching Methods

Given their own journey of learning through experiences, they often adopt an experiential teaching approach. This hands-on method resonates with many students, making learning more engaging and memorable.

Empathy and Understanding

Having faced their own challenges and learned from mistakes, the 1/3 profile can empathize with students who struggle. They offer not just academic guidance but emotional support, understanding the value of resilience in learning.

Life-long Learners

Their innate curiosity ensures they’re life-long learners. In the ever-evolving world of education, they stay updated, ensuring their students receive the most current and comprehensive knowledge.

Diverse Educational Fields

From school education and college lectures to corporate training and workshops, their teaching prowess spans across various domains. They’re as comfortable teaching science and technology as they are with arts and humanities.

4. Writing & Journalism

Investigative Reporting

The investigative trait of the 1/3 profile is a perfect match for journalism, especially in roles that require in-depth analysis or uncovering hidden truths.

Personal Experiences

Their experiential side offers a unique perspective. When they pen down articles or stories, they often draw from personal experiences, making their work relatable and authentic.


Whether it’s writing a comprehensive report or a fictional story, their attention to detail ensures a thorough and captivating narrative.

Diverse Genres

Their versatile nature allows them to write across various genres. From investigative journalism and academic papers to fiction and personal blogs, they can cater to a wide readership.

Continuous Growth

In the dynamic world of writing and journalism, the 1/3 profile continuously grows. They’re always on the lookout for new information and experiences to enrich their work and engage their audience.

5. Leadership and Management

Deep Understanding of Organizational Foundations

Having a 1/3 profile means understanding the core principles and foundational elements of any system. This translates well into leadership roles, as these individuals can comprehend the root values and systems of their organizations, ensuring they lead from a place of depth.

Learning from Mistakes

One of the hallmarks of good leadership is the ability to adapt and learn from setbacks. With their experiential nature, 1/3 profiles not only learn from their own mistakes but also create an environment where their team feels safe to experiment, learn, and grow.

Strategic Decision-Making

Drawing from their investigative depth and experiential learning, individuals with this profile are adept at making strategic decisions. They can assess situations from multiple angles, ensuring well-informed choices for the organization.

Building Cohesive Teams

Leaders with a 1/3 profile are naturally empathetic, understanding the value of each team member’s experiences. This perspective helps in building cohesive teams, fostering an environment of mutual respect and collaboration.

Continuous Growth Mindset

Their innate curiosity and willingness to learn from experiences mean they’re always evolving. This growth mindset, when translated to leadership, ensures progressive organizational development, adapting to ever-changing business landscapes.

6. Therapy and Counseling

Deep Dive into Human Behavior

The investigative nature of the 1/3 profile equips them to delve deep into understanding human behavior, making them apt for roles in therapy and counseling.

Empathetic Approach

Having learned from their experiences, they can empathize with individuals going through challenges, making them effective counselors who provide not just solutions but emotional support.

A Safe Space to Fail

Given their own journey of making mistakes and learning, therapists with a 1/3 profile create a non-judgmental environment. Clients feel safe discussing their issues, knowing they won’t be judged for their mistakes.

Holistic Healing

Combining their depth of understanding with experiential wisdom, they offer holistic solutions. It’s not just about addressing the current issue but understanding its root cause and ensuring long-term healing.

Diverse Therapeutic Fields

From clinical psychology and marriage counseling to career coaching and rehabilitation therapy, their skills are valuable across a range of therapeutic fields.

7. Entrepreneurship

Solid Business Foundations

With their propensity to understand things at a foundational level, 1/3 profile individuals can lay solid groundwork for their business ventures. They ensure every aspect of the business, from its core values to its operational strategies, is robust and well-thought-out.

Risk-Taking and Learning

Entrepreneurship is full of risks and uncertainties. However, the experiential side of this profile means they’re not deterred by failures. Instead, every setback is a lesson, driving them closer to success.

Innovative Solutions

Given their investigative and experiential nature, individuals with this profile often come up with innovative solutions to business challenges. Their unique approach can lead to pioneering products or services in the market.

Building Trusting Relationships

Whether it’s with investors, partners, or customers, their depth of understanding and authenticity helps in building trusting relationships—vital for any successful entrepreneurial venture.

Versatility in Business Domains

Their skills and approach aren’t limited to a specific industry. Whether it’s tech startups, hospitality ventures, or creative businesses, the 1/3 profile can shine in diverse entrepreneurial domains.

8. Art and Creativity

Depth in Artistic Expression

Art requires depth, and the 1/3 profile’s investigative nature ensures they express themselves with profound depth, whether it’s through painting, music, writing, or any other form of art.

Drawing from Experiences

Their life experiences, including their mistakes and lessons, provide rich material for artistic expression. Their creations often resonate with authenticity, touching the hearts of the audience.

Mastery Through Experimentation

The world of art requires constant experimentation. With their willingness to try, fail, and learn, individuals with this profile can achieve mastery in their chosen art form over time.

Collaborative Artistic Ventures

Their experiences offer a unique perspective, making them valuable collaborators in artistic projects. They bring depth, authenticity, and a fresh viewpoint to the table.

Continuous Artistic Evolution

Art is ever-evolving, and so are those with a 1/3 profile. Their journey in the world of art is marked by continuous growth, exploration, and deepening of their artistic prowess.