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Right Angle Cross of The Vessel of Love (46/25 | 15/10)

The Right Angle Cross of The Vessel of Love in human design is composed of Gates 46, 25, 15, and 10, forming an archetype that stands as a symbol of universal love and the essence of humanity. The gates are located in the Heart and G Centers.

Determination and Spirit of the Self

Located in the Heart Center, Gate 46 is the Gate of Determination, reflecting the love of life and a push to experience it to the fullest. This gate encourages the physical embodiment of life’s experiences and trials.

Beside it, Gate 25 or the Gate of Spirit of the Self is all about love and the spiritual aspects of existence. This gate represents a universal love that transcends physical boundaries and connects all life forms.

Behavior and Love of Humanity

In the G Center, Gate 15, the Gate of Love of Humanity, encourages a love for the wider world and human variety. It fosters a deep appreciation for the diverse expressions of human nature and culture.

Complementing it, Gate 10, the Gate of Behavior, is focused on self-love and authenticity. It embodies moral and ethical behaviors that align with the essence of one’s true self.

The Journey of the Right Angle Cross of The Vessel of Love

Carriers of the Right Angle Cross of The Vessel of Love are often seen as embodiments of love in action. They cherish life’s experiences and have a deep-rooted appreciation for human diversity. Their journey is marked by a continuous quest for spiritual understanding and personal authenticity.

Impacting Others with the Right Angle Cross of The Vessel of Love

These individuals possess a potent ability to affect others with their empathy, love, and acceptance. They often inspire others to appreciate their own uniqueness, embrace the physical aspects of life, and understand their interconnectedness with all. This Cross serves as a constant reminder of the transformative power of love in individuals and society at large.