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Right Angle Cross of The Sphinx (2/1 | 13/7)

Unveiling the Right Angle Cross of The Sphinx (2/1 | 13/7)

The Right Angle Cross of The Sphinx (2/1 | 13/7) in the Human Design system is a blend of the energies from Gates 2, 1, 13, and 7. This cross is a unique fusion of direction, creativity, listener, and leadership that guides its bearer on a path of self-discovery and expression.

Gate 2, found in the G Center, is known as the Gate of Direction. This gate represents the potential of an individual direction or path in life, guided by an internal driving force.

Gate 1, also in the G Center, is the Gate of Self Expression or Creativity in human design. It signifies the drive to express oneself, to manifest individuality, and to create uniquely.

Fusing Direction, Creativity, Listener, and Leadership

Gate 13, situated in the G Center as well, is the Gate of the Listener. It carries the energy for taking in stories, understanding others, and gaining wisdom through observation and contemplation.

Gate 7, the final gate in the G Center in this cross, is the Gate of Leadership. This gate embodies the energy for leading others, setting directions for groups, and managing collective resources.

When these energies come together, they form the Right Angle Cross of The Sphinx. This cross carries a potent potential for self-discovery and creative expression, combined with an ability to listen deeply and lead others effectively.

Embodying the Right Angle Cross of The Sphinx

If you bear the Right Angle Cross of The Sphinx in your Human Design, you may naturally harmonize the energies of direction, creativity, listening, and leadership. Your life might be a constant journey of self-discovery and self-expression, guided by your inner sense of direction. You may also have a talent for listening and understanding others deeply, and leading them effectively.

Your unique blend of energies can make you a powerful force in any environment that values individual expression, understanding, and effective leadership. You might excel in roles that allow you to express your creativity, listen to others, and guide them towards a shared direction.

The Influence of the Right Angle Cross of The Sphinx in Your Life

In practical terms, the Right Angle Cross of The Sphinx may manifest as a personal journey towards self-expression and understanding. You may be constantly seeking to express your individuality and to create something unique that reflects your inner direction.

Furthermore, your ability to listen and understand others on a deep level can make you a valuable resource in any group or community you’re part of. You might also naturally take on leadership roles, guiding others towards a shared direction while managing collective resources effectively. Your life may be a testament to the power of individual expression, deep understanding, and effective leadership.