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Right Angle Cross of Eden (6/36 | 12/11)

Right Angle Cross of Eden (6/36 | 12/11)

The Right Angle Cross of Eden in human design is composed of Gates 6, 36, 12, and 11. They are positioned in the Solar Plexus and the Ajna Centers respectively. This Cross encourages individuals to transform chaos into harmony, foster emotional clarity, and bring about creativity, taking a careful and thoughtful approach to communication.

Emotional Clarity and Crisis Management

Gate 6, in the Solar Plexus, known as the Gate of Conflict, endows individuals with the ability to deal with emotional conflicts. It brings about a sense of emotional clarity that helps to maintain balance in relationships and mitigate conflicts.

Meanwhile, Gate 36, also in the Solar Plexus, called the Gate of Crisis, facilitates growth through chaos and crisis. It offers the capacity to learn from emotionally charged experiences and transform crisis into growth opportunities.

Ideas and Caution

In the Ajna Center, Gate 12, known as the Gate of Caution, provides a measured approach to emotional expression, enabling careful and thoughtful communication that contributes to harmony.

Gate 11, also located in the Ajna Center, is the Gate of Ideas. This gate generates a plethora of ideas and helps to convert chaos into order. It brings about a creative approach to situations, fostering order and harmony.

Path of the Right Angle Cross of Eden

People who carry the Right Angle Cross of Eden naturally strive to create harmony from chaos. They are equipped with an abundance of ideas, the capability to manage emotional conflicts, an inclination to grow through crisis, and a careful communication style.

Their journey involves utilizing their inherent traits to transform challenging situations into growth opportunities and maintain harmony.

Impact of the Right Angle Cross of Eden

Carriers of the Right Angle Cross of Eden are not only focused on their personal journey but also on the influence they can have on others. Their ability to manage emotional turmoil, learn from crisis, generate creative solutions, and communicate cautiously can contribute significantly to creating a harmonious atmosphere.

By embracing their journey, they can inspire others to seek solutions amidst chaos, manage emotions effectively, and communicate thoughtfully. They carry a transformative energy that can bring a sense of Eden into their environment.