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Right Angle Cross of Eden (12/11 | 36/6)

The Power of Communication and Emotional Maturity

The Right Angle Cross of Eden in human design combines Gates from the Throat Center and the Solar Plexus Center, weaving a narrative that centers around the ability to articulate ideas with a deep understanding and respect for the spectrum of human emotions.

Gate 12: Caution in Expression

Situated in the Throat Center, Gate 12 carries the energy of caution in expression. This energy brings an innate understanding of the impact of words, leading to thoughtful communication. Those who carry this gate’s energy often find that they weigh their words carefully, avoiding unnecessary conflict and misunderstanding.

Gate 11: The Flow of Ideas

Gate 11 is located in the Ajna Center, the center of mental activity and processing. This gate is the gate of ideas. It fosters a constant stream of thoughts and insights, serving as a wellspring for creativity and innovation. Individuals carrying this gate’s energy often find themselves brimming with ideas, able to envision potential where others cannot.

Navigating Emotions and Crises

Gate 36: The Gate of Crisis

Located in the Solar Plexus Center, Gate 36 carries the energy of emotional depth and crisis resolution. It represents the ability to navigate through emotional upheaval and come out on the other side stronger.

Gate 6: The Gate of Conflict

Also in the Solar Plexus Center, Gate 6 represents emotional awareness and the potential for conflict. This energy drives individuals to engage with emotional challenges, leading to personal growth and emotional maturity. The energy of this gate is potent, allowing those who carry it to navigate complex emotional landscapes and emerge with greater understanding and compassion.