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Right Angle Cross of Eden (11/12 | 6/36)

Journey into the Right Angle Cross of Eden (11/12 | 6/36)

The Right Angle Cross of Eden in human design consists of the combination of Gates 11, 12, 6, and 36, which are located in the Ajna Center and the Solar Plexus. Individuals carrying this cross have an inherent knack for managing chaos, tapping into creative solutions, and employing emotional clarity. They are poised to create a harmonious environment out of disorder.

Gate 11, located in the Ajna Center, is known as the Gate of Ideas. This gate allows for the generation of an abundance of ideas, and the ability to turn chaos into order.

Gate 12, also situated in the Ajna Center, is referred to as the Gate of Caution. This gate brings in a calculated approach towards the expression of emotions, resulting in careful communication that helps maintain harmony.

Harmonizing through Ideas and Emotion

Located in the Solar Plexus, Gate 6 is known as the Gate of Conflict. It lends emotional clarity and a profound ability to manage emotional conflicts. This is achieved through a balanced wave that ensures harmony in relationships.

Gate 36, also present in the Solar Plexus, is recognized as the Gate of Crisis. It embodies the potential for growth through chaos and crisis, enabling transformation and learning from emotionally intense experiences.

Walking the Path of the Right Angle Cross of Eden

If you bear the Right Angle Cross of Eden, you are likely to naturally seek to bring order and harmony into the world. Your abundant flow of ideas, cautious communication, emotional management, and growth through crisis enable you to create a sense of Eden in the midst of chaos.

Your journey will be one of using your traits to convert tumultuous situations into opportunities for growth and harmony.

Making a Difference with the Right Angle Cross of Eden

Being a carrier of the Right Angle Cross of Eden is not only about your personal journey but also about the impact you can have on others. Your ability to manage emotional conflicts, grow through crisis, generate creative solutions, and communicate with caution can significantly contribute to creating a harmonious environment.

Through your journey, you will inspire others to seek solutions amidst chaos, manage emotions effectively, and communicate thoughtfully. Your path is one of transformation, and in walking it, you can bring a little piece of Eden to those around you.