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Right Angle Cross of Consciousness (63/64 | 5/35)

Delving into the Consciousness

The Right Angle Cross of Consciousness in human design, determined by Gates 63, 64, 5, and 35, epitomizes the journey towards expanding awareness and consciousness. It interconnects logic, insights, expectations, and experiences, mirroring an individual’s quest to decipher the world’s patterns and intricacies.

Those under the influence of this Cross hold a unique ability to make sense of the world, pursuing the understanding of complex concepts and constructs. They are gifted with an analytical mind and the potential to observe patterns and cycles in the environment.

Interpreting the Gates

The Gate 63, situated in the Head Center, is known as the Gate of Doubt. It introduces the questioning process essential for logic and validation. It prompts individuals to question everything in search of truth. Complementing it, the Gate 64, located in the Ajna Center, is the Gate of Confusion. It relates to the innate desire to make sense of past experiences and to convert chaos into order.

On the other side of the Cross, we find the Gate 5 in the Sacral Center. Known as the Gate of Waiting, it dictates the rhythm of life and the patience to wait for right timing. The Gate 35, located in the Throat Center, is the Gate of Change. It stands for the longing for new experiences and the ability to share them with others.

Embracing the Right Angle Cross of Consciousness

Individuals carrying the Right Angle Cross of Consciousness are meant to understand, communicate, and teach the intricate patterns of life. They possess an innate curiosity that pushes them to explore and understand the deeper mechanisms of existence.

However, these individuals may also face challenges related to impatience or excessive skepticism. The challenge lies in knowing when to question and when to trust, when to wait, and when to plunge into new experiences.


The Right Angle Cross of Consciousness signifies a path rooted in understanding the profound patterns of life, interpreting experiences, and cultivating patience. Individuals with this Cross are the thinkers, the pattern decipherers, and the consciousness raisers. By embracing their Incarnation Cross, they can contribute to collective