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Left Angle Cross of Upheaval (18/17 | 39/38)

Exploring the Left Angle Cross of Upheaval (18/17 | 39/38)

The Left Angle Cross of Upheaval is constituted by the energy potentials from Gates 18, 17, 39, and 38 in the Human Design System. The blend of these energies leads to an individual who embodies the will to question established norms, demand better outcomes, fight for worthwhile causes, and instigate transformation.

Gate 18, located in the Spleen Center, is the Gate of Correction. It embodies the energy of seeking out imperfections and making efforts to bring about improvement and rectification.

Gate 17, positioned in the Ajna Center, is known as the Gate of Opinions in human design. Here, the energy is that of rational thinking, expressing views, and the desire to understand the world through mental constructs and shared perspectives.

Harnessing the Energy of Correction, Opinion, Provocation, and Struggle

Gate 39, located in the Root Center, is the Gate of Provocation. It radiates the energy that incites change and transformation, often by challenging and pushing against existing boundaries and systems.

Gate 38, also found in the Root Center, is the Gate of Struggle. This gate holds the energy of battling for a purpose. The fight it embarks on is always purposeful and aimed at a cause deemed worthy.

These energies coalesce in the Left Angle Cross of Upheaval. The person bearing this cross will inherently be someone who challenges and provokes, expresses their opinions strongly, seeks improvement, and struggles for causes that matter to them.

Embracing the Left Angle Cross of Upheaval

As someone with the Left Angle Cross of Upheaval, you may find yourself frequently challenging the status quo, expressing your views, advocating for improvements, and passionately fighting for causes. You may be viewed as a disruptor, someone who seeks to instigate change and catalyze transformation.

Roles that revolve around reform, innovation, advocacy, or leadership may suit your natural inclination towards questioning, correcting, struggling, and provoking. You are likely to flourish in environments that appreciate critique, improvement, passion, and transformation.

The Influence of the Left Angle Cross of Upheaval

Living the Left Angle Cross of Upheaval may manifest as a journey filled with vigorous energy, constant motion, and a deep-rooted drive to bring about change. You may naturally gravitate towards situations that require a fresh perspective, critical thinking, tenacious struggle, and catalysts for transformation.

Your life’s path may involve breaking down established norms, pursuing perfection, fighting for what you believe in, and instigating change. Your relentless push for transformation makes you a catalyst for upheaval, blazing a trail towards a future that aligns more closely with your vision of what can be.