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Left Angle Cross of The Plane (36/6 | 10/15)

Embracing the Emotional Spectrum

People born under the Left Angle Cross of The Plane (36/6 | 10/15) in human design are uniquely designed to traverse the vast emotional spectrum of human experience. Their Human Design chart, featuring Gates 36, 6, 10, and 15, emphasizes the Solar Plexus Center and the G Center, giving them a profound emotional sensitivity and a love for humanity that guides them throughout their lives.

Deep Dive into the Gates

Gate 36, located in the Solar Plexus Center, is known as the Gate of Crisis. This gate gives individuals an appetite for rich emotional and experiential depth, often leading to intense, dramatic life events. It is through these experiences that individuals with Gate 36 are able to foster emotional growth and wisdom.

Gate 6, also found in the Solar Plexus Center, is the Gate of Friction. This gate represents the emotional aspect of sexuality and provides a keen awareness of the emotional states of others. Those with this Gate have a unique capability to navigate emotional tensions and bring clarity to emotional situations.

Moving on to the G Center, we find Gates 10 and 15. Gate 10, often referred to as the Gate of Behavior, encourages self-love and empowerment. It drives individuals to behave authentically, in alignment with their higher self, often inspiring others to do the same.

Gate 15, the Gate of Extremes, instills in people a deep love for humanity and an innate understanding of life’s rhythms and flows. Those with this Gate often feel a responsibility to work towards the betterment of the human condition.

The Emotional Journey of The Left Angle Cross of The Plane

The Left Angle Cross of The Plane leads individuals on an emotional journey marked by highs and lows. The challenges and crises they face serve as catalysts for personal growth. Moreover, their authentic behavior and deep love for humanity make them an inspiration to others.

Even amidst the turbulence of emotional experiences, these individuals manage to stay true to their higher selves, continually striving to express their true nature and positively impact others.

The Path Forward for Those with The Left Angle Cross of The Plane

Life can be intense for those under the Left Angle Cross of The Plane. It’s crucial for them to give themselves time to find emotional clarity before making decisions and to view the extremes in their lives as opportunities for growth. Their journey may be turbulent at times, but it’s also filled with incredible opportunities for personal development and positive influence on the world.

In conclusion, the Left Angle Cross of The Plane symbolizes a journey through the emotional spectrum, marked by opportunities for growth and the potential to inspire others. Those with this Cross are called to gracefully navigate life’s emotional highs and lows, continually using their wisdom to contribute positively to the collective.