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Left Angle Cross of The Alpha (31/41 | 24/44)

Understanding the Cross of The Alpha

The Left Angle Cross of The Alpha in human design consists of Gates 31 and 41, located in the Throat and Root Centers, paired with Gates 24 and 44, from the Ajna and Spleen Centers. This configuration combines the energies of leadership, fantasy, rationalization, and alertness.

Gate 31, housed in the Throat Center, is known as the Gate of Influence or Leadership. This gate carries the potential for leading through effective communication, especially when it aligns with the collective’s desires.

Gate 41, located in the Root Center, is known as the Gate of Contraction or Fantasy. It fuels the desire for new experiences and provides a wellspring of imaginative energy, acting as the starting point for new ventures.

Gate 24, located in the Ajna Center, is the Gate of Rationalization or Return. It carries an internal mental pressure to make sense of life’s experiences, often leading to the process of rationalization.

Gate 44, in the Spleen Center, is known as the Gate of Alertness or Coming to Meet. It offers the ability to recognize and remember past patterns, providing a valuable tool for anticipating and responding to future situations.

Embracing the Alpha Energy

Those carrying the Cross of The Alpha are potential leaders in their fields, drawing on their vivid imaginations and keen sense of past patterns. Their ability to make sense of experiences, powered by Gate 24, provides them with insights to inform their decisions and communicate effectively.

This cross calls for a balance between the internal drive to rationalize and the external need to communicate and lead. Using imaginative energy effectively and learning from past patterns are crucial to fully realizing this cross’s potential.

The Alpha’s Contribution

Individuals with this cross are often called upon to use their imaginative energy and communication skills to lead new initiatives. The insight from past patterns, combined with the drive to make sense of experiences, can influence and guide others.

While the energy of this cross can create internal pressure, it can be channeled into innovative and leading initiatives that benefit their communities and society at large.


The Left Angle Cross of The Alpha combines the energies of leadership, imagination, rationalization, and alertness. It gives individuals who carry it the potential to make significant contributions through leadership and innovative ideas. By honoring these energies and learning to balance them, they can fully express their unique incarnation cross.