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Juxtaposition Cross of The Trickster (26/45 | 6/36)

Unveiling the Cross of The Trickster

The Juxtaposition Cross of The Trickster in human design is shaped by the interplay of Gates 26 and 45 from the Ego and Throat Centers, respectively, paired with Gates 6 and 36 from the Emotional Solar Plexus and the Root Centers. This configuration engenders a mixture of energies associated with cunning, leadership, conflict, and experiences, leading to an intriguing blend of life themes.

Gate 26, situated in the Ego Center, is often referred to as the Gate of The Trickster or The Taming Power of the Great. This gate brings a sense of cunning and the potential to wield influence through artful communication, often with a commercial or persuasive bent.

Gate 45, housed in the Throat Center, is known as the Gate of The Gatherer or The King/Queen. It carries the energy of leadership and the ability to amass resources and create community.

Gate 6, located in the Emotional Solar Plexus Center, is the Gate of Conflict or Friction. This gate brings emotional energy and an awareness of the potential for conflict and growth in personal relationships.

Gate 36, found in the Root Center, is known as the Gate of Crisis or The Darkening of the Light. This gate embodies the thirst for life experiences, especially those that are novel and stimulating, although they may involve periods of chaos or crisis.

Balancing the Trickster’s Energy

Individuals embodying the Cross of The Trickster may face challenges reconciling the different energies they possess. The cunning and persuasive energy from Gate 26 may sometimes clash with the leadership qualities of Gate 45, causing conflicts in their approach to interpersonal relationships (Gate 6) and their desire for new experiences (Gate 36).

However, these energies can also work together in harmony. Using their cunning for the good of the community they lead, these individuals can manage conflicts adeptly and guide others through crises and transitions.

Embodying the Cross of The Trickster

For those carrying the Cross of The Trickster, acknowledging and integrating the unique energies they possess is crucial. They have a natural ability to communicate persuasively, to lead others, to navigate the complexities of human relationships, and to guide others through crises and transitions.

Balancing these energies, particularly the cunning, persuasive communication and the leadership qualities, can help them succeed in their interpersonal relationships and lead others towards positive experiences. By using their talents for the good of the community, they can fulfill their potential and make significant contributions.

To conclude, the Cross of The Trickster weaves together energies of cunning communication, leadership, emotional awareness, and experience-seeking. Individuals with this incarnation cross have the potential to use these energies to guide and influence their communities, navigate interpersonal relationships, and enrich their life experiences.