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Juxtaposition Cross of The Driver (2/1 | 49/4)

Constituents of the Cross of The Driver

The Juxtaposition Cross of The Driver in human design is characterized by the Gates 2 and 1 in the G Center, working in conjunction with the Gates 49 and 4 in the Throat Center. This configuration signifies an individual’s innate drive and potential to navigate their own path with a sense of direction, inspiration, and change.

Gate 2, the Gate of the Receptive, located in the G Center, represents the potential to align with the direction that life presents. It signifies the capacity to listen, understand, and move with the flow of events.

Gate 1, the Gate of Self-Expression, also found in the G Center, is about expressing one’s uniqueness and creativity. It signifies an inherent urge to express oneself in a unique and creative manner.

In the Throat Center, Gate 49, the Gate of Revolution, embodies the energy for major change, upheaval, and transformation. It signifies the potential for revolutionary change when conditions are no longer tolerable.

Gate 4, the Gate of Formulization, also positioned in the Throat Center, embodies the potential to create solutions and seek answers. It signifies a logical and rational mind that seeks to understand and solve problems.

Harnessing the Energy of The Driver

Those with the Juxtaposition Cross of The Driver naturally possess a deep sense of direction and purpose. They have an inherent drive to express their uniqueness and creativity in a way that aligns with the natural flow of their lives. Along with this, they have the potential to bring about transformative change and offer logical solutions to problems they encounter.

Their journey involves learning to trust and express their unique creative instincts, while also learning to align these instincts with the flow of events in their lives. They may also find themselves in situations that call for significant change, and they have the capacity to drive these changes in a rational and logical manner.

Impact of the Cross of The Driver

Individuals with this incarnation cross can significantly impact their communities through their natural drive and direction, unique creative expression, transformative energy, and logical problem-solving skills. Their unique expression and creativity can inspire others, while their capacity for driving change and solving problems can bring about meaningful transformation in their environment.


The Juxtaposition Cross of The Driver encapsulates the energy of direction, creativity, transformation, and logical problem-solving. Those with this incarnation cross have the potential to navigate their path with a sense of purpose, express their unique creativity, drive significant changes, and provide rational solutions to problems. Their life’s journey is about learning to harness these unique capacities to fulfil their own potential and contribute to their communities.