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Juxtaposition Cross of Power (34/20 | 40/37)

Embracing the Cross of Power

The Juxtaposition Cross of Power in human design is comprised of Gate 34 (Power), Gate 20 (The Now), Gate 40 (Aloneness), and Gate 37 (The Family). This combination points towards a life theme centered around the expression of power, particularly within the present moment and in connection to interpersonal relationships and solitude.

Delving into the Associated Gates

Gate 34, the gate of Power, is located in the Sacral Center and denotes the potential for personal empowerment, strength, and charisma. This gate can signify a powerful drive to act, to initiate, and to demonstrate personal power.

Gate 20, the gate of The Now, resides in the Throat Center, representing the importance of presence, immediacy, and authenticity. This gate brings an emphasis on the ‘here and now’, imbuing actions and communication with a strong sense of immediacy.

Gate 40, the gate of Aloneness, situated in the Heart Center, encapsulates the necessity and value of solitude, boundaries, and self-reliance. This gate might generate a necessity for periods of isolation and solitude to recharge.

Gate 37, the gate of The Family, in the Solar Plexus Center, signifies a focus on interpersonal relationships, particularly in the family or close-knit community context. This gate speaks to the power dynamics within these relationships and the desire for harmony within the group.

Personal Development and the Cross of Power

Those with the Cross of Power will often find their personal growth tied to the exploration of personal power and presence. Balancing the need for solitude with the desire for harmonious relationships can be a significant part of their journey.

In addition, they may learn to use their charisma and presence effectively, especially in the immediate moment. They may also be guided to understand how their personal power plays out within their close relationships.

The Cross of Power in Society

In societal contexts, individuals with the Cross of Power can have a substantial impact through their personal power and presence. Their charisma can be influential, and their focus on the present moment can encourage others to remain grounded and authentic.

However, they must ensure their power is used judiciously and does not overpower others’ voices. They should also remember to value their need for solitude and to maintain harmony within their relationships.

To sum up, the Juxtaposition Cross of Power signifies a life theme focused on personal power, presence, and the balance between solitude and relationships. By managing these aspects effectively, these individuals can navigate their life path in a way that aligns with their true self and leaves a lasting impact on their surroundings.