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Juxtaposition Cross of Listening (13/7 | 43/23)


The Juxtaposition Cross of Listening is characterized by an inherent ability to truly listen and understand others. These individuals are often perceptive and intuitive, with a unique capacity for listening to the deeper truths that lie beneath surface conversations.

Intuitive Listeners

Those carrying the Gate 13 (The Listener) in the G Center have a deep and intuitive understanding of people. This enables them to hear the unspoken messages and understand the hidden truths that lie beneath spoken words.

Leadership Through Understanding

With Gate 7 (The Army) in the G Center, these individuals have the ability to communicate their understanding in a way that naturally attracts others, often resulting in leadership roles.

Deep Insight and Individuality

Profound Understanding

Individuals under this cross have the Gate 43 (Insight) in the Ajna Center in human design, providing them with a profound ability to understand the world around them. They often experience moments of deep insight and intuition, enabling them to perceive things that others may miss.

Authentic Expression

Equipped with Gate 23 (Assimilation) in the Throat Center, they can express their insights and understanding in an authentic and individual way. This authenticity often attracts others and enables them to lead through the power of their individual expression.

Challenges and Potential Pitfalls

Overwhelm and Isolation

While their deep insight and understanding are strengths, they can also lead to feelings of overwhelm or isolation. They may struggle with feeling misunderstood or disconnected from others because of their unique perceptions.

Difficulty Communicating Insights

With their profound insights, they may struggle to communicate their understanding to others. It’s important for them to develop communication skills that allow them to express their insights in a way that others can understand.

Life Purpose and Strategy

Life Purpose

Those with the Juxtaposition Cross of Listening are here to guide others through their deep understanding and insight. They are called to use their unique ability to listen and understand to help others see the deeper truths of their experiences.


Their strategy in life is to balance their deep insight with effective communication. By learning to communicate their insights in a way that others can understand, they can use their unique gifts to guide and influence others.