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Juxtaposition Cross of Habits (5/35 | 47/22)


Individuals with the Juxtaposition Cross of Habits in human design have a keen ability to regulate their actions, offering consistency and predictability in their surroundings. Their energy is characterized by stability, intelligence, and an intuitive understanding of how to navigate their emotional world.

Stable Rhythms

Those carrying the Gate 5 (Waiting) in the Sacral Center bring about a sense of stability and predictability. This gate is about patterns and habits, which helps them create a reliable and comfortable rhythm in their life and in the lives of those around them.

Impetus for Change

Gate 35 (Change) located in the Throat Center provides an impetus for progress and transformation. Despite the stability that defines them, they also have a hunger for change and evolution, making them dynamic characters in life’s play.

Processing and Expressing Emotions

Intellectual Processing

Individuals under this cross are gifted with Gate 47 (Realization) in the Ajna Center, enabling them to process their emotions intellectually. They have a remarkable ability to make sense of their emotional world, using their understanding to navigate their feelings.

Emotional Expression

Equipped with Gate 22 (Grace) in the Solar Plexus Center, these individuals have a unique capacity to articulate their feelings. This aids in the clear expression of their emotional state, facilitating better understanding and connection with others.

Challenges and Potential Pitfalls

Resistance to Change

Although they possess a drive for progress, their strong inclination towards habits and routines can sometimes lead to resistance to change. This could potentially hold them back from growth and development.

Emotional Overwhelm

With their intense focus on emotional understanding and expression, they may occasionally feel overwhelmed by their feelings. It’s important for them to practice self-care and emotional management to balance their emotional intelligence.

Life Purpose and Strategy

Life Purpose

Those with the Juxtaposition Cross of Habits are here to offer stability and understanding in their environments. Their keen ability to regulate their actions, combined with their knack for emotional understanding, positions them as pillars of support and consistency in their communities.


Their strategy in life is to find the balance between maintaining their habits and embracing change. By combining their love for routine with their drive for progress, they can create a dynamic life that fulfills their purpose of providing stability while facilitating growth and transformation.