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Human Design Channels – Channel 35-36

Introduction to the 35-36 Channel in Human Design

In Human Design, the 35-36 Channel is known as the Channel of Transitoriness, linking the Throat Center (Gate 35) and the Solar Plexus Center (Gate 36). This channel carries a strong energy for new experiences and a deep hunger for life. It’s a driving force for individuals to experience, learn, and grow from the diverse range of life’s offerings.

The Gate 35, also known as the Gate of Change, is located in the Throat Center, which is the center of communication and manifestation. This gate is about sharing experiences and wisdom gained from past experiences. On the other side, Gate 36, known as the Gate of Crisis, resides in the Solar Plexus Center, which governs emotions, desires, and intuition. It is about the passion and emotional intensity brought by new experiences.

The 35-36 Channel is part of the Collective Circuitry and is fundamentally about sharing experiences with others. Its defined nature imparts the ability to thrive in novel situations and bring back valuable lessons for the collective. Individuals with this channel defined have an inherent talent for turning experiences into stories and wisdom that others can benefit from.

As the Channel of Transitoriness indicates, people with the 35-36 Channel often have a transient nature, seeking out new experiences and learning from them. They’re adventurers at heart, driven to explore life’s rich tapestry. However, this continuous pursuit of the novel can sometimes be misinterpreted as restlessness or inconsistency.

While the 35-36 Channel fuels an enduring pursuit of novelty, it’s essential for these individuals to understand the value of their experiences, as they’re not only enriching their lives but potentially contributing to the collective understanding through their shared experiences.

Implications of the 35-36 Channel on Personality

The presence of the 35-36 Channel in a Human Design chart can have a significant impact on an individual’s personality. The inherent desire for new experiences often makes these individuals spontaneous, adaptable, and adventurous, frequently leading them to pursue varied interests and activities.

As they’re constantly seeking and learning from new experiences, they may appear to be always on the go. They’re likely to enjoy travel, adventures, and trying new things. This inherent thirst for experiences can also make them versatile and open-minded, capable of embracing different cultures, ideas, and perspectives.

However, this constant pursuit of novelty could sometimes lead to feelings of restlessness and discontentment if they’re not engaged in something new or exciting. They might find it hard to settle or stick to routine tasks, which might be challenging in certain aspects of life, such as career or relationships.

One essential aspect to consider for those with the 35-36 Channel is the need for balance. While it’s fulfilling and necessary for them to seek new experiences, it’s equally important to rest, integrate their experiences, and share their learnings.

Moreover, given their openness to new experiences, they might occasionally rush into situations without fully contemplating potential outcomes. Here, the strategy of their Human Design Type (Manifestor, Generator, Projector) can provide a valuable guide to making correct decisions.

Interplay of the 35-36 Channel with Other Aspects of Human Design

The functioning of the 35-36 Channel can be influenced by other aspects of an individual’s Human Design chart. For example, the defined centers connected by this channel (Throat and Solar Plexus) can provide insights into how this channel’s energy is expressed.

The Throat Center, being the center of manifestation and communication, might influence how individuals with the 35-36 Channel communicate their experiences and learnings. If the Throat Center is defined, they might be consistently vocal and expressive about their adventures. Conversely, if the Throat Center is undefined, their communication might vary, depending on the influences they’re under.

Similarly, the definition of the Solar Plexus Center, governing emotions, can influence the emotional nature of their experiences. With a defined Solar Plexus, their emotional experiences might be amplified, and they might need time to reach clarity before making decisions. If the Solar Plexus is undefined, they might mirror others’ emotions and need to discern whose feelings they’re experiencing.

In addition, other channels in their Human Design chart might also interact with the 35-36 Channel, enhancing, modifying, or challenging its energy. A comprehensive analysis of an individual’s entire chart is needed for a complete understanding of how this channel functions within their unique design.

In the next sections, we’ll explore how the 35-36 Channel impacts relationships, career, and personal growth and how individuals with this channel defined can navigate potential challenges associated with it.

The 35-36 Channel in Relationships

The influence of the 35-36 Channel can be quite significant in relationships. Those with this channel defined often bring a sense of adventure, spontaneity, and variety into their relationships, keeping things exciting and dynamic. They tend to be experiential partners, encouraging their significant others to embrace life with open arms and indulge in new experiences.

However, their relentless pursuit of novelty can also bring challenges. They might find routine and consistency difficult to maintain, which could potentially cause friction if their partners crave stability and predictability. Their transient nature could be mistaken for fickleness or unreliability, leading to misunderstandings.

Those with this channel need partners who understand and appreciate their need for varied experiences. A partner who is comfortable with change and capable of going with the flow could be a good match. It’s also beneficial for them to communicate their need for new experiences to their partners to avoid misunderstandings.

In friendships, those with the 35-36 Channel could bring a lot of excitement and novelty. They could be the friends who are always up for an adventure or trying something new. They can introduce their friends to diverse experiences and open up new perspectives.

On the other hand, they might also need to make an effort to show up consistently for their friends, as their natural inclination might be to keep moving on to the next new thing. Understanding their design can help them find a balance between their need for novelty and their commitments to their relationships.

The 35-36 Channel in Careers

Individuals with the 35-36 Channel can bring a lot of dynamism and adaptability to their careers. Their natural inclination towards new experiences can make them great at roles that require versatility, adaptability, and an openness to varied experiences. They might thrive in professions that provide them with the opportunity to travel, explore, and learn.

Careers in travel, event management, journalism, adventure sports, exploration, or roles that require constant learning and adaption could be fulfilling for these individuals. Their ability to turn experiences into valuable lessons can make them insightful teachers, coaches, or mentors.

However, their constant pursuit of the new might make it challenging for them to stick to routine jobs. They might get bored easily if their job does not provide enough stimulation or variety. For them, finding a career that aligns with their need for constant change is crucial for long-term satisfaction.

While their nature could lead them to diverse experiences and jobs, they need to be cautious about impulsive decisions. The strategy and authority of their Human Design type can provide guidance in making the correct career choices, taking into account their inherent need for variety.

Considering the entire Human Design chart, including the Centers, Gates, and other Channels, can also provide valuable insights into their unique career potential. This holistic understanding can help them align their career path with their true self.

Personal Growth and the 35-36 Channel

Personal growth for individuals with the 35-36 Channel involves embracing their need for new experiences while also learning to balance it with other aspects of life. They are natural adventurers, explorers, and learners. Personal growth for them often comes from diverse experiences and the wisdom they gain from them.

However, their constant pursuit of novelty could sometimes lead them into impulsive decisions or situations without considering the potential implications. Here, following their Human Design strategy and inner authority can guide them to make decisions that are correct for them.

Recognizing their transient nature and its potential challenges can also be a significant part of their personal growth journey. They might need to learn to balance their desire for new experiences with the necessity for consistency in certain areas of life.

Understanding and accepting that their need for change is not a flaw but a unique aspect of their design can also be transformative. It can help them embrace their true nature without guilt or judgment and navigate life in a way that aligns with their authentic self.

Working on effective communication can also be beneficial, especially in relationships. Since their need for change could sometimes be misunderstood, learning to communicate this aspect of their design can help in fostering understanding and reducing potential conflict.

Navigating Challenges Associated with the 35-36 Channel

Like every aspect of Human Design, the 35-36 Channel brings its unique set of challenges. Recognizing these challenges and learning to navigate them can significantly enhance the life of those with this channel defined.

One of the primary challenges they might face is the tendency towards impulsive decisions in pursuit of new experiences. Here, following their Human Design strategy and authority can provide valuable guidance and help them make decisions that align with their true self.

Consistency could be another challenge for them, especially in relationships and careers. Here, recognizing their need for change and finding ways to incorporate variety within consistent frameworks can be helpful. For instance, in careers, they might consider roles that provide consistent growth and learning opportunities.

Their transient nature could also lead to misunderstandings in relationships. Here, open communication can play a significant role. Sharing their need for variety and change with their partners and friends can foster understanding and acceptance.

Lastly, finding a balance between their need for novelty and other aspects of life is crucial. While they are designed to explore and learn from experiences, they also need to consider other facets like commitments, responsibilities, and stability. Understanding their design can help them find this balance and navigate their path more effortlessly.

In conclusion, the 35-36 Channel in Human Design is all about exploration, learning, and change. Those with this channel defined can embrace this aspect of their design, navigating its challenges and utilizing its potentials to lead a life that is true to their unique design.